Blogmas Day 3: By the End of 2013..

There are 28 days left in 2013, how scary is that? I thought today I’d blog about a couple things I want to get done before 2014 arrives just to make December a really good month. I read you’re more likely to do things if you tell people you’re doing them so here we go.

Finish Blogmas. Blogging every day is hard, I don’t know how people do it. I went to see a friend of mine today and realised when I got home that I had nothing to blog about, it took me a good twenty minutes to come up with this list but hey. I already know what tomorrows post is about though so that’ll be okay.

See my brother get married and have a really nice Christmas. Oh yeah, it’s a busy month on the family front. My older brother is getting married on the 21st so we have cousins and aunties and uncles and grandmas and everybody coming from all over England and Scotland to join us for a couple of days then leaving us with just my two cousins, aunt and uncle for a fairly quiet (for us anyway) Christmas. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Listen to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook. Lately I’ve been reliving my childhood by listening to the early Harry Potter books read by Stephan Fry, except I’ve swapped the blue and red cassette tapes for iTunes. I listen to it a lot when I’m tidying and cleaning, and considering how much of that needs to be done before my family visits, I think I’ll be able to do this one, no problem.
Make a Buche De Noel. I say I will every year and never do but I saw it on The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass and was inspired! If you’re in the UK you can still watch this episode on iPlayer till the 7th of December here so hurry, and take notes. Yum. I’m excited for this one.
But you can only make so many lists before you have to stop procrastinating and just do it..

What do you want to get done by the end of December?

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