Blogmas Day 5: Beauty Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure!

I don’t generally go for fake nails after fearful memories of being younger and having those £2 ones that you glued on with a super glue like nail glue that would peel half your nail off with it when it came to taking them off, so I didn’t buy these when I saw them in store and I’m glad I didn’t. This is a negative review folks, hold onto your hat.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure set

Application was pretty easy, you figure out which ones are the best shape for your nails then wipe your nail with the prep pad, you can also use nail varnish remover as only one comes with the pack but I always feel a little weird leaving that on my nails because it’s so drying.

What the imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails look like on

Mine lasted 3 days before I got way too irritated to have them on my nails anymore, they made my cuticles itchy and it felt like there was pressure on my nails. Removal was relatively painless in comparison to the ones I uses to glue to my nails when I was about 12, the sticky part is soft enough that you can (with a little force) peel them off but I found it easier to run them under very hot water and pull them down off my nail with tweezers. A little of the sticky gunk hung around but nothing a good scrub wouldn’t get rid of and my nails were undamaged which I liked, they just needed a good rubbing of Lush’s Lemony Flutter.

The gap under the imPRESS Press-on Manicure false nails

I know under nail pictures are weird but I had to show the gap between my nail and the fake one, I could fit one of the nails in-between it and often did when I was fidgeting.

Gaps between the imPRESS Press-on Manicure from the nails from the side

The main problem, they just don’t fit! Maybe my nails are just weird but- c’mon. There was a huge gap and they just did not look good at all.

So- would I buy them again? No, probably not. It was the constant hair getting caught in them! If you have a pixie cut then sure but my hair is long and kept getting caught in the gluey bit because of the gaps. And washing my hair? Nightmare. Goodness. But I know some people love them so I’m curious, have you tried them? Did you like them or did you find them annoying like I did?

And if you still want to try them out you can check out their range online at Boots here.

*These came in the goodybag at FABBloggers Manchester event. This hasn’t changed my opinion… Clearly!

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Beauty Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure!

  1. Such a shame they didn't work for you!! I purchased the french manicure ones for my graduation last year, they seemed to last well (I went bowling with them on) and there were no mishaps whilst getting my degree phew haha.. but I did find them rather irritating, but Im not a fan of fake nails in general. Its crazy how much of a gap there is between the fake nail and your own!! xx


  2. They sound awful. I have never tried any false nails. I am quite happy with the ones I have. I won't be trying imPRESS any time soon


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