Blogmas Day 8: The Decorating Begins..

Just a short ramble type post from me today! I started my decorating as we enter into the second week of December but I want to spread it out a little since it just really gets me in the spirit which seems to get harder and harder as I grow up. Anyone else feel that way? Either way I got my little tree up and I think it looks cute, if a little lopsided.

Christmas tree and tin gingerbread houses
Blurry iPhone Picture!

The Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special kept me company and got me all excited about my favourite Blogmas post that I’ve been preparing for ages. My favourite Christmas TV specials of Christmas past round up. Apart from that I didn’t do much to write home about today I just had a pretty relaxing Sunday and now I’m just going to curl up and read till the blogger twitter chats. 

How was your Sunday?

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