Haul: Indie Cosmetics!

I’m not hugely adventurous when it comes to cosmetics but since I went cruelty free, the options are less and less. I hadn’t bought new makeup bar the odd mascara in a long time until I found myself watching Chloe Dykstra’s Last Minute Gift Guide in which she mentioned a couple of independent brands that I’d never heard of before- Which immediately made me feel like a bad nerd. I can quote Lost Season One word-for-word, I own Lord of the Rings Leggings, I wake up at 2am on Monday morning to watch The Walking Dead live- I should know about nerdy make-up! So I sought to rectify this immediately. This is the damage haul post.

Much more interesting than the standard black packaging, right?

My first order was from Victorian Disco who were doing 20% off at the time. I got two eyeshadows on sale for $3 (£1.82) each; Under the Outland Skies and Frozen Throne, both World of Warcraft references. A mini-size jar of Double Tap at $2.25 (£1.37). “Which leaves me to my second rule; the Double Tap. In those moments when you’re not sure the undead are really dead-dead, don’t get all stingy with your bullets.” 

They also offer a Blogger Package! Where you can get 6 sample sizes and 2 mini-size jars for $8 (£4.81). I was all over this and chose #Yolo, NOU, My Feels, The Amazing Bouncing Ferret, Snape was Innocent and Why does it have to be Dragons? sample sizes. Then Boomer Bile– a L4D2 reference I managed to understand because they always kill me, and Snivellus mini-jars. They also send free samples with any order, and I received Ay Sexy Lady and Queen Beryl.

It says on the website the current turnaround of how long your order could take. I was presented with a time of 3-4 weeks which was a little long but I got it in about 2 weeks and it was was completely worth it. 
International shipping is $7.50 which is £4.51 and I only ended up spending £11.71 in total, which wouldn’t even buy me one Mac eyeshadow. They’ve just got a snazzy new website too! Check it out here!

After that I turned to Shiro Cosmetics, and snapped up the Why Not Zoidberg? Intertube- which has been discontinued while they reformulate much to my sadness. Along with a full size Smell Ya Later eyeshadow I hate anyone called Gary on principle, mini sized There and Back Again, You Know Nothing and Mother of Dragons, and samples in Lingered in Twilight and Master of Whispers. 

Much like Victorian Disco, you tick a box saying ‘I understand my package may take however long to ship, and I am okay with that.’ For me it was two weeks. They also send free candy, not pictured because… I ate it already, and samples. I got Hodor and I’ll Move that For You. You can buy their products here!

They also do a really awesome ‘Cages through the Ages’ collection- just check out Ashley’s review. 

And lastly! Geek Chic Cosmetics. Out of curiosity after all this nerdy makeup buying I googled around for a Walking Dead cosmetics collection and found their ‘This Isn’t a Democracy’ line. Shut up Rick. I immediately knew it had to be mine, and I also bought it for Ashley’s birthday present. It took a little longer to come because it got stuck in customs but it was worth it for the names alone; Stay in the House, Carl, Clementine will Remember, We’re all Infected, You Best Pray I’m Dead, I ain’t a Judas, and He’s Korean.

They’re a little more expensive at $5.99 (£3.57) a pot or $28.75 (£17.12) for the whole collection but they are all great quality and oh the opportunity to reference The Walking Dead while I do my make-up. Their website is here!

I’d also like to remind UK people that you can be charged customs on anything over £15 not including postage (around $24.60) which includes an £8 handling fee and 20% of the cost so I recommend keeping it under that. But you can clearly get a lot of great stuff for less that £15 with these brands.

Have you ever tried Indie make-up? What do you think?

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