Beauty Review: Lush’s Floating Island Bath Melt.

A Lush review for you today! A while back I finally bought myself a Floating Island Bath Melt. Even though I wasn’t too sure on the scent, the ingredients sounded great and I wanted to see if it was as luxurious as they promised. Plus it kind of looks like the base of a cupcake…

I popped about half of it in my bath, sunk into the water and expected- something. But really I got barely anything. It didn’t really fizz or melt, it just simmered. But after a while the water seemed a little softer than it normally does and my skin didn’t feel as dry. But not by much. I still needed to slather on the body lotion afterwards.

All in all, I don’t think I’ll repurchase this. I much prefer the bath melts that are creamy to the touch as I find them a bit more effective at battling my dry skin. But if you’re a sandlewood scent lover and your skin doesn’t need hardcore moisturisation then this could be the bath melt for you!

If you want to try it yourself, it’s available here for £4.15!

Have you tried Floating Island? What did you think?

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