Top 5 Summer Essentials

Summer has hit the North. The Starks lied. Even though I did have to delay taking these pictures outside because it was raining, the temperature has definitely risen and the sun is showing itself for longer everyday. So I thought I would share my top 5 Summer essentials that I can’t do without when this season rolls around.

I saw this little guy collecting pollen when I was out taking pictures and had to take a snap of him!

#1. Nike running shorts.
I’m not a runner but these shorts are super breathable, light, and they have a pocket for my phone so when I’m bopping around my house to awful songs from ten years ago- just listen– I’m not going to melt or be embarrassed if the postman pops round. I have more pairs than would fit in the picture but these are calling to be added to my collection. I also love wearing them out over tight camisoles, similar to Snooki!

#2. Sunglasses.
I don’t know about you but the brightness outside hurts my eyes! And I don’t want wrinkles from squinting so sunglasses are an essential. After years of cheap and flimsy pairs from various high street stores, I invested in a pair from Tiffany at an airport that have a really classic shape and feel durable. I love them, they’ll last for years and it makes me wear them more often!

#3. Lighter perfume.
Summer makes me put away my many bottles of the original Stella and pull out my beautiful bottle of LILY by Stella McCartney. This lighter floral fragrance is a great summer alternative that makes me think of outside and sunshine and holidays, and that bottle!

#4. The prettiest bright or pastel nail polishes I can find.
In summer I really love either pastels or brights for my nails, and I tend to switch it up between them every time I paint them. Both look great and my darks lay forgotten for the next few months. I also find myself doing more nail art so keep an eye out for posts on that in the coming months.
Have a read of my mint nail polish post where I battle it out to find the best!

#5. SPF.
If you don’t wear SPF you’re putting yourself at risk. If you would put a seatbelt on when you go for a drive, put SPF on before you go outside. My favourites are; Hawaiian Tropic, a light non-sticky formula that smells really nice and has great protection for a reasonable price. For my face this sample of Apivita Face Cream SPF 50+* that I got at the Fabb event in Manchester has lasted me forever and I’m definitely ordering a bigger bottle this year, non-greasy again and my make-up goes on over it no problem. For days when I’m only popping outside for a minute or two, I like the Palmers SPF 15 to protect me and eliminate the need for layers of moisturiser and SPF.

My post on my Summer fictional essentials will be up on Friday!

What are your Summer Essentials?

*I received this sample at the Fabb event in Manchester. I am not obligated to talk about it on my blog.

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