Health Food Store Haul & some Beauty Goodies!

Something a little different from me today. Last week I watched a documentary on Veganism that really got me thinking and after a chat with my trainer, she leant me the book ‘Skinny Bitch’. I’m about half-way though and I’m seriously considering making the switch, but unlike when I went Vegetarian, I want to ease into it this time. So I popped round to NutriCentre and picked up a couple things to try.


Lets start with the snack foods- I love snacking. But my snacks of choice tend to be chocolate and fruit and there’s only so much fruit I can eat. These vegan chocolate chip cookies were on sale at my store and oh they are calling to me, I’ve had two so far and they are so good. You can’t even tell they’re Vegan. I also found this mini little dairy free chocolate bar as well and I’m a sucker for anything that small. It makes me feel like a giant when I eat it! Taste-wise though, it’s basically just dark chocolate. Nothing special here. And I picked up a bag of my old favourites- Raw Coconut chips. Coconut is full of healthy fats plus it tastes amazing. Perfect for a sweet tooth.

I picked up another of my protein powder too because I ran out last month and thought I’d kick start the less-dairy transition and try Almond milk. I’ve tried soy in the past and wasn’t a fan but almond isn’t as bad. It still tastes a bit odd to me but that’s just because I’ve been drinking cows milk for about 18 years.

Coconut oil! Given rave reviews for both nutrition and beauty, this is actually my second jar of this magical stuff. I cannot be without it.
And peanut butter. I grabbed this because of the ‘No Palm Oil’ on the right there, Palm Oil is having a really big impact on animal welfare where it is being grown but it’s in so many peanut butters! Peanut butter is my favourite, I eat it by the spoonful, but Palm Oil is a big no-go so Meridian is my new best friend.

I told you there was going to be beauty goodies! I’ve recently finished a big pot of Emma Hardie’s cleansing balm but for me- Oil cleansing works much better (post about this coming soon). I picked up Sweet Almond Oil as I have dry skin. In the clearance section where I found the cookies there was the Weleda Stretch Mark massage oil for half price, don’t worry, I’m not pregnant as the bottle suggests but I do have my fair share of tiger stripes so I’m interested to see if this has any effect.

And lastly! By the counter were these little tubs of ‘therapeutic dough infused with essential oils’ and I was powerless to resist the one that promises to increase awareness and trigger good ideas- something every blogger needs, right?

What do you think of my haul? Any Vegans with tips out there? 

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