Beauty Review: Lush’s Sex Bomb Bath Bomb.

When I was working at Lush there was one product that would sell pretty much every day without fail, and it was the Sex Bomb bath bomb. This pink and purple ball with a flower on top was so cute that everyone seemed to want one, and many boyfriends found it to be the perfect little gift which was always very sweet to see. I’ve had a couple before but I had forgotten what I thought of it and decided to pick up another to review.

So, how does it perform? Not too bad! The scent, mainly Jasmine but there’s some ylang ylang and clary sage in there too, sticks around for a long time and stays on my skin long after I’m out of the bath. It’s very calming as it fizzes around and leaves a lovely deep pink water. Unfortunately I find this a little drying and definitely need to add either a bath melt or slather on the moisturiser as soon as I get out. The flower has never dissolved when I’ve had these before but it’s pretty easy to scoop out as it floats around.

If you want to buy one of these bath bombs, they’re available here for £3.25 or here for $6.65!

Have you ever tried Sex Bomb? What did you think?

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