Beauty Review: Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener!

There is something about any product that promises nail thickness that just makes them like gold to a magpie for me. I’m all over that. So when I was at the Manchester Essence event I was thrilled to get my hands on their XXL Nail Thickener in the hopes of finding a holy grail.

Now this claims to instantly thicken and strengthen nails and resist chipping and cracking, all of which sounds great because my nails chip a lot because I file them square. I’m trying to get them to a length where almond shape doesn’t look dumb but no luck yet!

Now this is super super super thick. Even when I first got it, it was really thick and this makes it quite difficult to apply and get to all the edges. But it helps with the claims. When I have this on my nails do feel stronger and they don’t crack. There’s no long term claims but if you wore this as a base coat and on it’s own when you wanted bare nails, the preventing cracking and chipping really helped with growing my nails to the longest they had been in a long while.

My problem is that I’ve had it about a month or so and it it has thickened up so much that getting an even coat is pretty difficult, it’s been relegated down to something I reach for while I’m doing my extreme tidying and cleaning. Planning a move? This might be for you, looking for something long term? I have another Essence review coming soon that might be for you!

Have you tried this? What is your favourite nail treatment?

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*I received this at the Manchester Essence Event, I’m not obligated to talk about it on my blog and it has not changed my opinion.

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