5 Things to Watch on UK Netflix!

I love Netflix. I’ve had it for quite a few months now and can honestly say it’s been a really great way of spending £6.99 a month and this is coming from someone who hates spending money :’) UK Netflix is often given a bit of a bad name for having less choice compared to US Netflix but if you’re stuck for things to watch this weekend, I have 5 recommendations! 

LEGO: Marvel Superheroes: Maximum Overload
So I’ve just got into Marvel after watching Guardians of the Galaxy twice over the past couple of weeks and apart from watching Captain America (hello Bucky *swoons*) and Wolverine in the past I never paid much attention. I was a DC fan. I changed my mind. So when I saw this 20 minute one-shot, I watched it and loved it! Spiderman angsting is one of my favourite things ever and there’s a good amount of Loki too.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
I’m a huge Lord of the Rings and Tolkien fan and these new Hobbit movies are no exception. If you haven’t seen them, your opportunity is right there. Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Aiden Turner, and the whole cast are amazing. I actually really like them for background noise too while I’m doing other things.

Orphan Black
If you missed Orphan Black when it was on BBC, now is your chance to catch up with an original Sci-Fi show that is female led and has Tatiana Maslany, one of the most talented actresses in the business as the main character(s). Clones everybody! Clones! It’s hard to describe but trust me, you will not regret giving this show a chance.

Friday Night Dinner
This show is hi-larious. Dealing with a mum, dad and two grown-up boys who meet for dinner once a week with a strange neighbour, kooky grandma and horrible grandma who pop by once in a while. It’s very real with only a few cuts in time and sticking to only 1-2 settings. If you need a laugh then this is for you.

Call The Midwife
I’m really enjoying this show at the moment. Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, you are taken back to 1950’s East End London, and into the lives of the midwives who have to deal with the pregnant, labouring and new mothers of the district. Unfortunately they only have two of the three series on Netflix so far but fingers crossed for Season 3 soon!

And of course, shows I’ve recommended before in previous blog posts are on Netflix too! Firefly! Reaper! Pokémon!

Have any UK Netflix recommendations? Throw them at me! 

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