My Geek Box: September 2014: Apocalypse!

This month, the theme for My Geek Box was ‘Apocalypse’ and as I said in my last post about My Geek Box, I was looking forward to it! I’m a big fan of the end of the world, zombies, survivors and things like that. The Walking Dead is in my top 5 TV shows and my favourite book is World War Z. I was excited. And I was right to be.

So what came in this months box?

The first thing I saw was a copy of World War Z! I’ve talked about this before on my blog here and love it. Since I already have it, I’m going to keep this for a giveaway I have planned. It really is an amazing book and I’m so excited that more people are going to get a chance to read it from getting it in the box!

My eyes were next drawn to The Walking Dead Mystery Minis box and opened it up to find the dang zombie from the first episode that is still the creepiest. Urg. This little guy is going pride of place on my Walking Dead shelf where my Daryl and Rick figures can keep an eye on him.

Keeping on track with the zombie theme, a Twinkie! This is a Zombieland reference and I’m half excited, half scared to try it. It sounds disgusting :’) A couple of my American friends want me to try it on a Skype call so they can see my reaction. A log of cream and cake? That lasts for a really long time? Yikes.

The T-shirt this month was a neat zombie/Fallout one that’s going to get passed on to a gamer friend of mine who will love it. The shirts are always really nice quality from My Geek Box although my inability to iron probably doesn’t show it.

And the Glow Stick is a pretty cool idea although I have no idea what I’m going to use it for- save it for the end of the world I guess! It also came with a End of Days event discount code and the first My Geek Box magazine with a review of the End of Days event, interview with a cosplayer and other good stuff. Do I dare go to one of the events? I feel very strongly that I would die even in a simulated end of the world…

An all round good box! This is unfortunately my last My Geek Box for a while due to lack of funds but you can bet I’m re-joining as soon as I can. Next months theme is Nightmares and you can sign up here!

What do you think of this months box? Will you be signing up?

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