Review: Essence All About.. Palettes!

When I was at the Essence Event in Manchester they had a wide variety of products for us to have a look at but these palettes really caught my eye for a couple of reasons. They’re small, they’re durable with a very strong clasp and thick plastic, and they have beautiful colours. I had high expectations, but did they stand up to that?

Essence All About Candies and All About Nude eyeshadow palettes

Here I have ‘All About Candies’ and ‘All About Nude’ to review!

Essence All About Candies and All About Nude eyeshadow palettes

Each come with 6 colours that weigh in at 8.5g together and claim to be ‘long lasting’ with a ‘silky and smooth texture’. These palettes actually stand up pretty amazingly on both claims. I took them on my holiday and forgot a primer and they lasted a good few hours without creasing even in the heat. The texture is silky and smooth without being crumbly and I’ve dropped them a fair few times with no breaking.

But how about some specifics too? Starting with All About Candies…

Essence All About Candies swatches

What surprised me about these candy pastel colours is how much I liked them on the lid, they were just so much easier to work with than dark colours since I’m so pale, it’s been a bit of a revolution of me. The pink and the lavender are a little disappointing colour-wise as you can see, but make pretty nice highlights. The yellow and peach make b-e-a-utiful lid colours and the blue and green both make nice colourful looks without it being too in your face.

I think this is a great palette for anyone and everyone but if you’re a super pale girl like me that sometimes struggles with colour in the daytime you need this!

Swatches of the All About Nude eyeshadow palette

The nude palette has a neat and compact range of nude colours, at six you can make a couple different looks and it makes the whole thing more compact without scrimping on quantity of eyeshadow. I was actually surprised at how versatile this palette was but I think it’s down to the dark brown and the deep purple, they make very different eye looks and with a matte shade in there and an option of two colours for highlight- I think every nude fan would enjoy this.

I honestly think these palettes are on their way to being HG products and- dare I say it in October- would make good little stocking stuffers too. They also have All About Sunrise, Paradise and Chocolates that I might have to pick up too… You can buy Essence products at Wilko’s up and down the country, and to find your nearest counter just click here!

What do you think of these palettes?

*I received these at the Manchester Essence launch but I’m not obligated to talk about them and it has not changed my opinion.

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