What’s on Anne Plichota’s Bookcase?

Today I have another author post for you! And I’m pretty excited to get a sneaky look at what is on Anne Pilchota’s bookcase, as she is half of the duo that is writing the Oksa Pollock series. A series about a eleven year old girl with strange magical powers who discovers that there is a lot she is yet to learn, and it’s not all maths from her horrible teacher. I’m currently reading the first book and I’m finding it quite fun so far!

So I now pass you over to Anne Plichota!

On my bedside table are the books I am currently reading and those waiting to be read, my favourites at the moment being Rachel Cusk (for the razor-sharp wit and language), Sue Townsend (for her eccentricity) and Gillian Flynn (for her sense of suspense).

On my shelves are my literary heroes, models, examples, teachers… Goolrick, Cheever, Larry Brown, Sharpe, Hiaasan, Palahniuk, Iain Levison… Some make me die laughing, others move me to tears, but all are part of my universe. I love photo books as well, especially the work of Martin Parr for its stupefying normality, and photos of industrial, urban ruins with their sense of pride, decadence and volatility.

My reading habits? I don’t go a day without reading a few pages, and if I do, I feel like something’s missing. My favourite times to read: at lunchtime, at the end of the afternoon, sometimes in the bath, and especially before going to sleep. And never forget: a book in the handbag is indispensable when waiting at the doctor’s or for a late bus, even if it means being disappointed when it arrives or your turn comes…

Thank you Anne for writing this and adding to my ever growing Amazon wish list of books. It’s been a long time since I read a Sue Townsend novel but they just got bumped up my TBR!

What’s on your bookcase? Have you read the Oksa Pollock books?

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