Blog Love #1

Today I thought I’d start my new series of Blog Love. In the post I’m going to link a couple of blogs I love in case you were looking for something new to read. We all have our favourite blogs, the ones we check up on daily, re-read, then there are some blogs I just find then read in the entirety. I will sit there on my laptop or phone and read every word, look at every picture until I come to their first post. So I want to honour those blogs the best I can by this new series. I’m going to do four blogs a post so these’ll go up whenever I have four blogs to tell you about!

First has to go to my friend Ashley, I’ve linked her a couple of times on my old blog but she’s genuinely one of the nicest people I know and writes a pretty amazing blog over at Legally Redhead. Ashley’s is one of my favourite blogs because within two pages it makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and read amid browning autumn leaves- and fly out to California and live in the sunshine state. She blogs about life, beauty, and all sorts and I pride myself in being the first one to read her new posts.

Secondly is the lovely Angela over at Paper Love Story. Not only is she kind and always has something nice to say on Twitter- especially during my broken laptop sob session- I just love scrolling through Angela’s blog. It makes me want to go to my desk and work, which is a rare feeling! She’s incredibly intelligent and somehow has appeared to master time management. If you have any interest in stationary, study techniques or just want a peek into a life that is much more put together than anyone I know- Paper Love Story is a must.

Third I have Vicki from Let’s Talk Beauty. I’d be surprised if any of my readers aren’t already following Vicki but if you aren’t, I recommend that you do. Let’s Talk Beauty is the place on the internet I go to when I want to read good honest beauty reviews, and I’ve spent more than enough money based on Vicki’s opinion and never been disappointed. We’ve also met a couple of times at blog events and she’s truly lovely.

And last but not least, Rachael from Rachael Amy Reads
Rachael’s only been blogging a couple months but I already love her reviews and her writing style, she has great choice in books as well. I think she’s definitely one to watch!

So that’s my first Blog Love. Make sure to go check out these great blogs and leave me links of your blog and your favourite blogs so I can get some new reading material! 

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