A Year of Imogen’s Typewriter.

I realised a couple of days ago that my first ever post on Imogen’s Typewriter went up on this day, a year ago. That’s pretty crazy to me. I’ve now been blogging since 2011 and I’ve never been happier with what I’ve been putting out there into the internet as I have been the past year.

Statistically my most popular post has been my Best Harsh Winter Skincare post and I have no idea why, maybe my SEO was accidentally good, but look for an updated version soon. Followed by my Sephora Haul. And my Indie Cosmetics Haul, probably because Chloe Dykstra retweeted it.

Personally my top moments include that retweet, being invited to the Essence Event in Manchester, and getting the opportunity to interview New York Times bestseller Lauren Oliver. I’ve also had several writers write posts for my blog which is still amazing to think about for me. And I participated in Blogmas vaguely successfully and will be trying again this year.

I’m still writing about beauty but I’ve also started writing about bookscomic books and one of my greatest passions- TV! I’ve even started doing life posts, which is intimidating for me but I’m enjoying it. I’ve ranted about not feeling guilty about what you love, and explored everything I want to do before I’m 30– which I’ve been updating here!

I own my domain, I figured out how to have a little favicon of a typewriter, I have original art done my a friend of mine over there to the right and I think this year I’m finally going to get my blog designed professionally.

All in all I really love my blog and I’m looking forward to another year of blogging, so I’d love if you’d leave me links to your favourite post on your blog if you’re a blogger or if you’re a reader- link me to a blog you love.

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