Merry Christmas!

I’m about to head to bed after a very long and busy day but I couldn’t not pop over to my blog and say Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it! I hope you had a great day and got to spend time with people that love you. As I do every year, I’m going to leave a list of helpline numbers because sometimes Christmas isn’t always movie magic perfect, even if I wish that for everyone.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 18002738255
Alcoholics Anonymous: 08457697555
Beat, for Eating Disorders: 08456341414
Refuge deals with domestic violence: 08082000247
Childline for children to call: 08001111
And for adults worried about a child: 08088005000
Narcotics Anonymous: 03009991212
Rape Crisis: 08088029999
Victims of Crime Support: 08453030900
OCD Action: 08453906232
No Panic for anxiety sufferers: 0800 138 8889
Contact a family for families with disables children: 0808 808 3555
Cry-sis: 08451228669
Disabled Parents Network: 0870 241 0450
Fatherhood Institute: 08456341328
Help To Heal: 08451203788
National Domestic Violence Helpline:
England: 08082000247
Northern Ireland: 02890331818
Wales: 08088010800
NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: 08088005000
Parents Advice Centre: 08088010722
Parentline Plus: 0808 800 2222
Prisoners’ Families Helpline: 0808 808 2003
Relate: 0845 456 1310
Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90
Solvent Abuse – Urban 75: 0808 800 2345
Talk to Frank: 0800 77 66 00
Womens Aid: 0808 2000 247
Working Families: 0800 013 0313
Youth2Youth: 020 8896 3675

If you’re feeling suicidal then please reach out and call 999 or 911.

If you just need someone to talk to then feel free to email me at

Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading. ❤

Fiction Friday: The Nutcracker Ballet!

Last weekend I went to go see The Nutcracker at the Birmingham Hippodrome and it was amazing. I’ve loved The Nutcracker ever since I was a little girl and go see it whenever I can locally, probably about once every two years. The Birmingham Royal Ballet did an amazing job, the dancing was perfect and the set was magical. I admit my foot was tapping about quite a lot throughout.

The soundtrack is here and there are many versions of the ballet on YouTube (don’t tell my mum but I’m also a huge fan of the Barbie version). If you need a little Christmas cheer, I really recommend either watching a version or putting on the soundtrack and dancing about!

Have you ever seen The Nutcracker? What gets you in the Christmas mood?

Best Dry Skin Skincare for Winter!

Winter has rolled around again and while it isn’t as horrendously cold as I was expecting, the wind is whipping around and the rain is being blown into your face the minute you step outside. It’s getting pretty rough on my dry skin. I did a best harsh Winter skincare post last year and thought I’d update it with a few things I’ve discovered this year!

Water. Water. Water. Oh- and some more water.
Yeah, I know you’ve heard it before and I know in Winter we all really want a cup of hot chocolate instead but water really is a dry skins best friend. Your skin is the first place that inner health problems show, if your skin is dry- you’re probably not getting enough hydration. Carry a bottle around everywhere you go. I have cats so glasses and cups are a no-go unless you want a little wet nose stuck in your drink but I rate bottles anyway. Portable and reusable bottles are much better for the environment, this is a great list if you have no idea where to go but personally I didn’t really rate the Bobble bottle. However, I love my Camelbak Groove that I bought from Amazon for £18.70.
And because it’s winter, you don’t need ice because water from the tap is cold as heck!

Witch Hazel toner.
I bought this Witch Hazel toner from my local supermarket after having a pretty painful allergic reaction to a face mask and wanted to only use natural basic products on my face until it calmed down. I’ve been using it since then and keep coming back to it even though I have a fair amount of other, more expensive and with impressive claims, toners in my collection. I love it for Winter especially because the wind and rain really make my skin hurt and this soothes it.

Oil Cleansing.
I did a whole post on oil cleansing earlier this month that you can read that here but the basics is that instead of cleanser, you rub oil into your skin then wash it off. It’s affordable, there are certain oils that are amazing for dry skin- I personally switched to Argon oil and Sweet Almond oil in the Winter- and it’s natural. There’s nothing shady in a pure oil!

Strong Moisturisers.
My pick is the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. Don’t let the name fool you, a day cream this is not. This is thicker and stronger than any other moisturiser I’ve ever used and packs a mighty punch. It even beats last years pick of the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask because it is just so moisturising. Definitely not for the faint hearted or the casually dry. I got mine last Christmas and it’s lasted all year, you can get a tube here if it sounds like something you need!

Carry around a multi-use hand cream.
I get dry hands in winter, but I also find that my arms get dry really easily so rather than a super expensive hand cream that I use sparingly, I like to have something a little more reasonably priced that I can slather all up my arms without guilt. I’ve been trying out the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream* and it’s exactly what I need. You can get it in a 100ml tube here but it also comes in a set with the Rose Otto hand cream. I have an obsession with rose so this is on my to-buy list!

What works for your skin?

*Post contains affiliate links. I was sent the Balance Me hand cream to try, this has not changed my opinion and I am not obligated to talk about it.

Beauty Review: Formula X – Drawn To You!

Today I have to show you todays festive nails. Yes it’s another green, but not from Kiko! I bought the Formula X glitter nail polish in ‘Drawn To You’ in Rome and hauled it here. It’s a beautiful gold shimmer with green glitter at about €15 a bottle, a little expensive but it was a holiday treat.

I put one coat of ‘Drawn To You’ over OPI’s ‘Jade is the New Black’ to get this effect. It was literally one coat to get this effect, the shimmer is so packed in. It’s not as pretty on it’s own as the gold shimmer doesn’t make much of an affect on nude nails but over dark polish, amazing. I love this glitter.  As for the polish, it was a great formula and dried quickly. It did need a top coat to stop the large glitter being rough but it lasted a long time. The pictures were actually taken on the fourth day! Pretty good for a glitter.

What do you think of ‘Drawn to You’? What is your favourite glitter polish?

Loving Lately: Candles!

Along with loving the Countdown to Christmas, lately I’ve been pulling out all my candles from every nook and cranny that I store them and firing them up. I’m actually a little ashamed of how many I have when I get them all together!

Spiced Orange by Yankee Candle was a Christmas present from my brother about six years ago that I have repurchased time and time again as it just reminds me of the first time I burnt it on Christmas Day watching movies with my family. 
I won a set of Elli Candles from Caitlin (and if you use this link you get £5 to spend free!), the set came with Festive Nights, Festive Fires and Festive Pine and they’ve been amazing. Really lovely scents, really Christmassy and gorgeous reusable Mason jars.
Last year my Booboo Ashley was kind enough to smuggle some Bath and Body Works candles in a huge brown box with a $0 customs value, god bless her. I’ve been using them sparingly since to make them last and I have to say- YouTubers are right. Leaves is the best candle ever.
The candle in the little gingerbread votive holder is the French Vanilla one from Heart and Home Candles* from IWOOT but it’s nearly finished and then I’ll raid my Yankee Candle stash.

Do you bring out the candles when Winter comes around? What are your favourites?

*The IWOOT link is a affiliate link which means if you buy anything from them, I get a few pennies at no extra cost to you. They sent me the candle too which was nice of them.

Fiction Friday: Winter Wonderland Book Tag!

Admittedly I had no idea what do to for today’s Fiction Friday, mainly because my plan of reviewing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with my friend who is a Harry Potter Virgin ran into problems when I made her watch the first episode of Lost and got her hooked enough that we haven’t been reading together. My bad! Anyway while scouring for ideas I was watching old YouTube videos and found a tag that Priscilla from The Readables did last year, you can watch it here! And here are my answers!

1. What book is so happy and sweet that it warms your heart?
This would have to be Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. I was thinking about Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and thinking about how it was actually kind of dark when the quote; “But then again, everything has it’s drawbacks as the man said when his mother-in-law died, and they came down on him for the funeral expenses,” came to mind and reminded me that Three Men in a Bot has no dark side and truly just makes me happy.

2. What is your favourite book with a white cover?
World War Z by Max Barry. Not exactly festive but this is my favourite book with a white cover and actually one of my favourite books ever. I normally read it in Summer though.

3. You’re sitting in a nice comfy chair, wearing a onesie, with a lovely warm hot chocolate but what MONSTER are you reading?
Honestly I haven’t read many monsters this year, I attempted Game of Thrones but had to put it down a couple hundred pages in. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson is on my Christmas TBR so I’ll say that one! I’d love some monster book recommendations, I tend to shy away from them!

4. It started snowing so you decided to have a snowball fight! What fictional character would you love to have a snowball fight with?
Hmm. I’d have to say Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird, she’d be amazing in a snowball fight.

5. Sadly, your fire is beginning to go out. So what book would you tear the last few chapters out to throw into the fire?
Either Endgame by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton or Season to Taste by Natalie Young. I really didn’t like either of those books so I’ll sacrifice them to the flames. Reminds me of that scene from The Day After Tomorrow where they burn the books in the library.

6. What book is so close to your heart that you would gift it to someone this Christmas who hasn’t read before but wants to get into reading?
Okay, I’m going cliché here but Harry Potter. It’s a great series for people who want to get into read but- apart from my friend- who hasn’t read it these days?

I tag everyone! Seriously, I want to see everyones answers. Please link me if you do a post or answer in the comments!

Beauty Review: Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter!

Now I hauled the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter and Nail Patches, Nail Tattoos, Pen… What a name. Anyway I hauled this here and I’ve been trying it out for a couple months whenever I paint my nails with glitter and sometimes when I’m too lazy for normal nail varnish remover, so here’s my review!

Pretty simple instructions!

I’ll keep this short and sweet, we’ve all seen and heard the great things about nail varnish remover pots and the only thing different with this one is that it has a rough sponge in the middle and the liquid seems to be pretty dang strong but. This works.

Gone are the days when I would sit around with cotton balls soaked in acetone wrapped in cling film around my fingers for ages and still have to scrub to get it all off. Or, if I’m being brutally honest here, I would let my hands soak in a hot bath then peel it off.  No, it’s not ‘instant’ but we’re talking a minute or two to twist and scrub my nail varnish off and do a job that would normally take twenty and leave me with wrecked nails. Totally worth the €9ish I paid and I would again.

Have you ever tried this? What do you think of nail varnish remover pots?

Gifts: For Nerdy Beauty Lovers!

How is that for a specific audience! I thought I’d write a bit of a gift guide for the nerdy beauty lovers, because personally I love putting make up on that has a bit of a reference to the things I love most. I’ve hauled some Indie Cosmetics before and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like using ‘Smell Ya Later’ on the lid, ‘I’ll Move that for You’ in the crease, ‘You Know Nothing’ as a highlight with ‘Why Not Zoidberg?’ on the lips. So here are my top picks for making your nerdy beauty lovers, or your own, make up routine a little more cheerful!

Are they a Peggy Carter fan? Hayley Attwell recently tweeted about the lipstick that Peggy Carter herself wears! It’s 1946 – Red Velvet lipstick from Bésame. It’s the perfect red lipstick for taking no shit, shooting at Captain America to test his shield and being an all round inspiration. And with the new Agent Carter TV series premiering in early January, this gift would be pretty well timed.

So they’re a Marvel fan, they like red lips, Shiro Cosmetics has your back with the Red in my Ledger lipgloss. Or are they more into eyeshadow? The entire The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection from Shiro is pretty beautiful in my opinion with names like “I Understood that Reference” and “That Man is Playing Galaga”, any Avengers fan would probably be pretty pleased to find these in their stocking. If you’re still not convinced then check out the art. I need it all!
Shiro also do collections for Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, The Hobbit, Legend of Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunger Games, and Pokémon fans. So you’re pretty covered! I use their eyeshadow every time I do my make up and it’s all amazing quality too.

Or if the nerd in your life likes their nails, then you might want to pop over to Espionage Cosmetics where their nail wraps, especially if they’re Borderlands fans. My favourites though are the Harley Quinn nails and oh- the tentacle wraps are so pretty!

Etsy is a feast of great things for nerds, and you support some pretty great small indie brands at the same time. If you know something that your nerd likes, a search will generally bring up some amazing results but I have to bring to your attention this store; MeLissa Lacquer who have some of the prettiest nail polishes that is still accepting orders. I’m lusting after Joker Here, Oh Captain, My Captain and Caped Crusader.

I’d love to recommend Geek Chic cosmetics too but they’re now shut for orders for December, so I’ll just be here pining over The Pie Hole Scent collection until they open again! But hopefully this gave you some ideas!

What do you get for the nerdy beauty lovers in your life?

Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Lime Green

Another day, another NOTD post. I love this one though, I have it on right now and I keep looking down as I type because it’s so pretty and shimmery. I have nothing else in my collection like this and weirdly, this seems super Christmassy to me. I can’t figure out why though- can you?

268 – Nail Lacquer in Lime Green
This guy, as you can see, is pretty sheer. I had to put on three coats to get the look above and it’s still see-through but I didn’t need a topcoat as it is super shiny. I personally love the sheer look but you could always use a white base under this one if you wanted it to really pop or save it for nail art looks! As I mentioned in my last Kiko NOTD, their polishes all have really lovely wide brushes which kept this from getting too streaky as well.

What do you think of sheer nail polishes?

Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

Today is a quick sample review of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque that’s been kicking about in my haircare drawer for a while now before I pulled it out and committed to using it. I’ve declared my love for Macadamia’s detangling hairbrush before so I was excited to see if this would stand up to the high regard I have for the brand.

Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

The sample I had was a generous 15ml but I was a little worried as my hair is thick and long. I needn’t have been. It was just enough. The consistency was like a thick gloopy cream but it spread evenly to cover all of my hair.

Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

Now the instructions are pretty simple; wash your hair then comb this through and leave for seven minutes. So I did this, clipped my hair up and read in the bath for maybe ten minutes before rinsing this out. It needed a good rinse. I stood under the shower for quite a while and that’s always something I’m worried about with these types of things because if you don’t rinse long enough then your hair is left greasy and if you rinse too long then there’s nothing to show for it. I was pretty sure I had rinsed too long but lo’ and behold, the next day when I let my hair out of my plait it looked incredible. It was super soft and shiny, and just felt and looked amazing. A+ results!

I’m also in love with it being cruelty-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free. All in all, I’m probably going to buy this! If you want to try it, you can buy it here!

Have you tried a hair masque? What’s your favourite?

*I received this at the Mid-Summer Meet way back when. I am not obligated to talk about it and it has not changed my opinion! Post contains affiliate links.