Gifts: For Nerdy Beauty Lovers!

How is that for a specific audience! I thought I’d write a bit of a gift guide for the nerdy beauty lovers, because personally I love putting make up on that has a bit of a reference to the things I love most. I’ve hauled some Indie Cosmetics before and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like using ‘Smell Ya Later’ on the lid, ‘I’ll Move that for You’ in the crease, ‘You Know Nothing’ as a highlight with ‘Why Not Zoidberg?’ on the lips. So here are my top picks for making your nerdy beauty lovers, or your own, make up routine a little more cheerful!

Are they a Peggy Carter fan? Hayley Attwell recently tweeted about the lipstick that Peggy Carter herself wears! It’s 1946 – Red Velvet lipstick from Bésame. It’s the perfect red lipstick for taking no shit, shooting at Captain America to test his shield and being an all round inspiration. And with the new Agent Carter TV series premiering in early January, this gift would be pretty well timed.

So they’re a Marvel fan, they like red lips, Shiro Cosmetics has your back with the Red in my Ledger lipgloss. Or are they more into eyeshadow? The entire The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection from Shiro is pretty beautiful in my opinion with names like “I Understood that Reference” and “That Man is Playing Galaga”, any Avengers fan would probably be pretty pleased to find these in their stocking. If you’re still not convinced then check out the art. I need it all!
Shiro also do collections for Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, The Hobbit, Legend of Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunger Games, and Pokémon fans. So you’re pretty covered! I use their eyeshadow every time I do my make up and it’s all amazing quality too.

Or if the nerd in your life likes their nails, then you might want to pop over to Espionage Cosmetics where their nail wraps, especially if they’re Borderlands fans. My favourites though are the Harley Quinn nails and oh- the tentacle wraps are so pretty!

Etsy is a feast of great things for nerds, and you support some pretty great small indie brands at the same time. If you know something that your nerd likes, a search will generally bring up some amazing results but I have to bring to your attention this store; MeLissa Lacquer who have some of the prettiest nail polishes that is still accepting orders. I’m lusting after Joker Here, Oh Captain, My Captain and Caped Crusader.

I’d love to recommend Geek Chic cosmetics too but they’re now shut for orders for December, so I’ll just be here pining over The Pie Hole Scent collection until they open again! But hopefully this gave you some ideas!

What do you get for the nerdy beauty lovers in your life?

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