Why I Love Oil Cleansing!

Let’s talk about Oil Cleansing. This is the method of cleansing the skin where instead of using a balm or a gel or a wash, you cleanse your face with oil! It basically works by the science that like attracts like, oil attracts the oil in your skin and when you wash it off, the oil on your skin and all the gunk comes with it. I’ve tried cleansers from £4 to £40 and this is my favourite method of cleaning my skin.

Why I Love Oil Cleansing! Sweet Almond Oil on a Flannel

I really love this way of washing my face for a few reasons;
One. The first time I did it, my pores became the clearest they had ever been since I knew what pores were.
Two. It’s affordable, all you need is an oil which I get at my local health store for around £6 and a flannel which you can get three of at Primark for £2. That’s it. That bottle will last about two months in my experience.
Three. Instead of feeling stripped or dirty, my skin feels clean and nourished after I’m finished.
Four. Long term, my skin has been- great! I didn’t have terrible skin in the first place but I look at my foundation now and can’t imagine ever finishing a bottle because of how little I use to get a flawless look.
Five. No chemicals or general nastiness. There’s one ingredient. One. I feel a lot better using one ingredient on my face that I know where it came from then twenty that I can’t even name.
Six. It’s customisable. If your skin is having a bad week or needs a boost as it sometimes just does then you can reach for an essential oil to mix in. Here’s a pretty extensive list!

To do it, I get a few drops of oil on my hands and massage it into my skin, makeup and all. Then with a hot damp washcloth I let it rest over my skin to open my pores. After a couple seconds or minutes depending on how long I have, I just take the wash cloth off and wash off the oil. I’ve used Jojoba oil, which is the oil closest to the skins oil and is great for temperamental skin but at the moment I’m using sweet almond oil as winter is so drying. I also have Castor Oil for when my skin needs a really good cleanse. Don’t think it’s just for dry skin! There’s a lot you can read about the benefits and pros of oil cleansing for all skin types, I just wanted to throw my two cents in and hopefully get more people trying out this pretty neat way of caring for your skin.

Have you ever tried Oil Cleansing? What do you think?

Fiction Friday: Books I’m Reading this Christmas.

The holiday time is well and truly upon us, we even had ridiculously heavy hail today and personally I’m looking forward to curling up with a good book with a candle and a hot chocolate. And here are the eight books I’m optimistically looking to read. I also have a couple Christmas story anthologies I might dip into too…

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Not a typical Christmas book but the final Hobbit movie is coming out on the twelth and I’m hoping to get around to this before I go see the conclusion of the trilogy. I’ve already read it a couple years ago so it’s not a huge thing if I don’t get around it though.

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris.
Another not very christmassy book but I’ve read the first book and the second book this year and they’ve been great so I’m pretty interested in finding out what happens next! They’ve both only taken me an evening too so if I feel like a murder mystery, it’s a quick read.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.*
Finally! Something wintery! Based in 1920’s Alaska, a couple moves to try and get away after the death of their baby, but they start to see a mysterious little girl out in the snow. I’m hoping for a snow day so I can stay in and read this with the scenic weather.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.
I won this from Bookolio’s blog and it’s the first instalment in the Mistborn trilogy. I really want to read some thicker books next year, so if I start this epic fantasy this year then I’ll be starting off on the right foot.

Snowblind by Christopher Golden.*
Much like The Snow Child, this is a creepy kind of story based in Massachusetts (like my boo, Ashley). The idea is that twelve years after a great storm, the ghosts of those that died are back with a new storm. It has some really great reviews so I’m looking forward to creeping myself out with this one.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown.*
This is a YA dystopian type of book set on Mars and is the book of the month for the Chapter 5 Book Club over on Goodreads so I decided to save this for December even though I’ve been clamouring to read it for a couple months now.

Rudolph! He is the Reason for the Season by Mark Teppo.**
I won this from Goodreads and I know for a fact that this is what I’m going to be reading on Christmas Eve. I don’t know a huge amount about it apart from that its the ‘true story’ of a very cynical Rudolph.

Batman Noël by Lee Bermejo.
Now I borrowed this one off my brother about two years ago and really should give it back at some point… This is essentially a retelling of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with Batman as Scrooge!

What are you reading this Christmas?

*I was sent these books for review.
** I won this book on Goodreads!

Gifts: For Bookworms!

For me, the hardest people to buy presents for are bookworms. I know they like books. I know what kinds of books they like. But I know what kinds of books they like because they already have those books so unless I’m told explicitly “I want this book by this author,” then I have to think a little outside the box. These are the five gifts for bookworms I’ve found!

Last year I got my dad the Bookrest Lamp (£36.99) from I Want One of Those and he loves it. He says it’s the best gift I’ve ever got him (no pressure for this year eh?). This lamp is house shaped and is designed for the bookworm to rest their book on, while saving their page. I honestly think I’m going to buy one of these for myself one year.

If your bookworm is also a camper, or likes to read in the great outdoors then this Fully Booked Tent is so cute! It’s a bit pricey (£189.99) but I couldn’t not show it. It fits two, has the cover of The Natural World and opens at the pages.

Another gift idea is the Spineless Classics posters (£24.99-£44.00) that use the words from the book in the shape of instantly recognisably imagery from the story. They have a wide variety of books to chose from; The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, Pride and Prejudice, Trainspotting, Wuthering Heights and Life of Pi. And there are a couple more on Amazon if none of those take your fancy too. Personally I think these are so classy and prefect for if you know they like a book enough to want it up on their wall.

I couldn’t do a gift idea post without mentioning a subscription service. I think they’re such a lovely gift because they continue on for a couple of months and give the receiver something to look forward to in the bleak new year. And the one I love is Prudence and the Crow, a vintage book subscription box at £12 a month that offers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. I got a 3 month subscription for my mum for her birthday this year and she was really excited every month when it popped through the letterbox. Each package comes beautifully wrapped with a vintage paperback and a few extras.

Lastly, another thing something my dad and I both have is the Moleskine Book Journal (£12.59) for keeping track of what we’ve read and what we thought of it but while looking for this, I found this Book Lover’s Journal that seems pretty neat too and is a little bit less expensive (£10.06). Book Journals are so handy to have for readers that maybe don’t have Goodreads or maybe just like writing things down! I use mine for recording quotes and amazing writing I find as I read.

What do you get for the bookworms in your life?

Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

Three guesses what Imogen’s favourite colour is? Way back when I was in Florence I happened by a Kiko Cosmetics store nearby the pizzeria I frequented during my stay and picked up some nail polish while I was there as they are all super cheap and a couple were even on sale. I got 7 of them and I think I paid around £10. I’m finally getting around to wearing them and blogging about them so look out for a fair amount of green nails on the blog over the next few weeks!

KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

391 – Nail Lacquer in Grass Green
This one was actually a bit of a pain compared to the others! It took absolutely ages to dry and took three coats to get a nice even finish. It really needed a topcoat to add shine and even it out but I have an OPI dupe and it’s the same story with that one too. I think it’s just a problem with bright greens but I do love how it looks. So cheerful and perfect for Christmas tree nail art! Kiko polishes all have really lovely wide brushes similar to OPI too- no cheap brushes here.

What’s your favourite nail polish colour?

Loving Lately: The Countdown to Christmas!

I’m normally the person that starts preparing for Christmas in- June? July? Yeah, but I wasn’t really feeling it this year until December 1st when my mum gave me my lovely homemade advent calendar and I put up my first Blogmas post. Now I’m practically counting the seconds and dreaming of warm fires, good company and roasted potatoes.

So tonight I’m curling up with To Kill A Mockingbird, which I am determined to finish before starting my Christmassy TBR. I’ve got my advent chocolate and vegetarian gummy Santa sweet by my side for a snack. And one of the Elli Candles I won from Caitlin burning and filling my room with the scent of christmas (and if you use this link you get £5 to spend free!). It’s love. I’m in love with the countdown to Christmas.

What are you loving lately? 

My Christmas Wishlist!

I did a Christmas Wishlist last year for Blogmas Day 1 that you can check out here and I thought I’d do another one this year on the same day! It’s nice to have traditions. I have an Amazon wishlist like everybody else but these are the not-books in my letter to Santa. It’s a pretty short list since I don’t really need anything but it’s fun to do.

Much like last year I’m asking ol’ Santa Clause for another pair of Snooki Slippers, they’re my one thing where I know they’re a little overpriced but I want them anyway. And this year I have my eye on the Green Zebra print and the Blue Leopard print (both of which are on sale right now!)

Another thing I’m asking that I asked for last year are the Whittard Teas because they just taste so good! To drink said tea, I’d love a Night Vale mug! Be it the classic Night Vale Community Radio one or the new Moonlite All-Nite Diner one! I love this podcast, I’ve talked about it before here and here and I love mugs!

A Loot Crate subscription is also on the list. I love Loot Crate, I’ve done a couple reviews on the blog and I love it but I just don’t have the income to have £18 a month coming out of my bank account. Although I may have just ordered Decembers box because it looks neat. Loot Crate is like Christmas once a month anyway!

And of course a Toblerone, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Toblerone. Something I also need desperately is a new head for my Clarisonic and I found this Delicate Brush Head Twin Pack on Amazon that is perfect!

New releases Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Omega Ruby both look neat too. I have Pokémon X and really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to seeing what is coming next from the Pokémon world. I still have to finish Yellow for my 30 before 30 but this is good practice! Or should I wait until I complete X?

And finally a calendar, I have my eye on this Walking Dead one for my month by month and I also saw a German phrase-a-day one at my local garden centre that I think would be neat as I try and up my language skills! I’ve also been looking at this Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal for a while and I think it would be cool as I love looking back on how things change over the years!

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist? 

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you buy anything from the links, I get a few pennies at no extra cost to you. Pretty neat, huh?