Loot Crate: December 2014: Anniversary!

The ones of you that are more aware than I am and aren’t still confused by what year it is will notice that it is not December, or even 2014 anymore, but my Loot Crate was super super late this month and only just arrived. I understand though because shipping around the holidays sucks.

The theme was Anniversary as lots of things celebrated birthdays this year- Simpsons celebrated it’s 25th year on air. That show is older than I am. And I know I said repeatedly that I was cancelling Loot Crate to save money but they drew me in with ann exclusive Funko Pop! They do know my weak spots!

Let’s start with the DC items of the box. First up being Batman #36 written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo- the dream team of comics. When the New 52 started I didn’t pick up Batman and I regret it so I’m hoping to jump on with this one!

And the exclusive Funko Pop… The Joker Batman-Batman. Honestly can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one but I see what they did and it’s cute enough!

Onto Marvel! The first thing I saw was baby Groot socks. These will be joining my Deadpool socks, also from Loot Crate, as my favourites in my sock draw. So dang cute. Anything Guardians of the Galaxy immediately gets my love.

And it also came with a Captain America Vanilla Air Freshener. I wish I had a car right about now because I love Cap and this would brighten up any car interior.

The Ghostbusters door hanger kind of reminds me of something I had when I was a kid and whereas my privacy is pretty well respected, I have a friend who could do with this to keep little brothers out.
The Simpsons was a pretty good choice for a design with the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet. I had lot of fun when I first picked it out of the box trying to find my favourites. I was actually sent two of these in my box for some reason.

The Tetris Sticker Set has been retweeted a lot by Loot Crates twitter- people are coming up with some really clever patterns. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with these stickers but they’re so cool I’m sure I’ll find something.

The digital loot this month was a month free over at Crunchyroll, what looks like the Anime version of Manga. A Mini Candy Cane which I just finished and the usual badge and magazine (again there were two of these). Overall, it wasn’t my favourite Loot Crate but there were some gems.

I’m doing a little blog survey to see what I can improve in the new year, I’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill it in here!

What do you think of this months Loot Crate?

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