Under my Christmas Tree!

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with this but I love seeing what people got for Christmas. I love the variety in gifts and as a super over planner, I start getting ideas for what I can get people for the next year. Maybe I’m just getting older but it weirdly doesn’t feel like Christmas happened? It’s not even that it went by in a blur as much as it just didn’t feel- like Christmas. Anyone else feel that way? But I know it must have happened because I have some new things! So here’s what I was lucky enough to get from Santa!

As always, the usual disclaimer for these types of posts, not bragging.

Books and DVDs first. I’m excited to expand my Tolkien collection with this tiny book of Tom Bombadil adventures.
Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favourite movies from 2014 so it’ll be nice to watch it again. Peter Quill is the love of my life :’)
My brother got me the DVDs of True Detective, a show he’s been recommending to be since Summer and I haven’t got around to yet. Now I have no excuse and just need to find a day I can sit down and marathon the whole series.
I’m a big Miranda Hart fan- anyone else super sad that her show is over? I’ve never seen her do stand up though so it should be interesting!
This Kate Mosse book is going to be saved for next Christmas because it sounds like he perfect mood setter.
And Santa clearly knew I finished the third book of the Aurora Teagarden series and didn’t have the fourth!

I learned to crochet in 2014 and really enjoyed it so hopefully with my new super cute crochet hooks I can make some cool things in 2015!
I mentioned in my Christmas Wishlist that I was after a German daily calendar and look what appeared in my stocking! (Okay I may have pointed it out to my mum at the garden centre.)
My parents went to Amsterdam last year and brought back this cute pencil box and mini bowls, since I love green, that are going to look really nice on my desk keeping things tidy.

My aunt and uncle who live in America sent me this gift set from Sephora, I think I actually squealed when I saw it. It has so many things in it that I can’t wait to try, and blog about!
I have trouble sleeping so I can’t wait to try out the Tisserand Luxury bath oil de-stress blend. Fingers crossed it works.
I’ve nearly finished my tube of Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream I got last year so the new tube was very much appreciated. As was the Rose Nurturing Body Oil I can’t wait to try.

The slippers are a cute fold up pair for me to take on my travels this year. I love the pattern on these, so dainty and cute.
My favourite thing I received this year has to be my new Night Vale mug. I have a love for mugs and part of my 30 before 30 is to have a collection. This is a welcome addition!
Speaking of Night Vale, my new teeshirt is super snazzy. As is the typewriter print which- I think Santa picked for obvious reasons. Say hello to my new blogging shirt!

And of course- Chocolate! That screaming you may be able to hear is my personal trainer.

What did you get for Christmas? Leave me links!

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