5 Things I Need to Stop Doing!

Another 5 Things post! Today it’s 5 Things I Need to Stop Doing. We all have small bad habits, things that really need to be cut out of our day to day. Things that could save us some time/money/energy if we didn’t do them. So here are my top 5, hopefully now I’ve put this out there I can work on them.

1. Procrastinating!
I think we all struggle with procrastinating from time to time. Some things just beg to be put off, they sit on your desk and they don’t even want you to work on them! But you have to eventually and I have to deal with that and hop to it. Putting it off just makes it harder when you finally get round to it.

2. Biting the inside of my cheeks.
This is probably a stress thing; some people bite their nails, some squeeze stress balls, I bite at the inside of my cheeks which is a very irritating habit. I even do it in my sleep! Annoying.

3. Buying things!
Mainly books, I’m trying to stop. I have so many but I just can’t resist Amazon‘s deals. But apart from books I just need to stop buying things I don’t need, or have no use for. I have enough clutter and if I’m just going to end up not using it or putting it up on eBay then I might as well not get it. The best way to save money is to not spend it in the first place.

4. Not buying things!
On the other hand, while I find it very easy to spend money on some things, I find it very hard to invest in things I know that I want. It took me 8 months to buy a Nintendo 3DS and I use that almost every day to great enjoyment.

5. Biting off more than I can chew.
It’s hard to say no when an opportunity arises, it’s easy to think that you’ll be able to make that deadline, it feels nice to see a full calendar at the start of the month. But not every opportunity is worth the time, not every deadline is attainable and with a full calendar at the start of the month- you might be missing out on something that you only find out about on the 20th. Flexibility is good. Having your weekends and evenings free to do things you enjoy is good. Prioritising is important and  I definitely need to work on this one.

What do you need to stop doing?

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