Beauty Review: KIKO Cupcake Nail Lacquer in Mint

It’s Lent at the moment and despite not being religious, I’ve given up chocolate so I obviously have show off my most Easter Egg-y nail polish. This makes my nails look like a Mini Egg (my favourite chocolate of all time that I’m craving so bad right now) and I love it.

655 – Cupcake Nail Lacquer in Mint
I’m not generally a fan of textured nail polishes, but this one is slightly different with the gritty bits being different colours to look like sprinkles! This is a super easy polish to use, I just needed to put on three coats and it dried so quick it took no time at all and didn’t need a topcoat. Getting it off wasn’t as hard as you’d think either, sure it’s no plain polish but it wasn’t as bad as glitter. 

What do you think of textured nail polishes?

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