Big Book Fear!

Am I the only one that looks at a big book as if it could bite me? I have some monsters on my shelf that if they fell, could probably crush me, but that’s not quite why I’m afraid of them. I’m afraid of big books because when you open it to the front page, you’re making a time commitment that depending on your policy on giving up on books, can mean you’ll be reading a book for a long time and maybe won’t even get that much out of it.

So I have big book fear and I know I’m not alone in this. Anything 400+ pages is often shifted out of the way for something shorter. Sometimes for series that all together are 1000 pages. I’m the same with TV and movies. I’ll start a TV show and marathon it all day but a movie? Eh, I rarely watch them and I hate going to the cinema because I can’t pause and take a break.

So where does this fear come from? Maybe it’s that the two big books I tried to read last year were not to my tastes. Maybe it’s the pressure to read as many books as quick as I can. Maybe it’s because I want my monthly wrap ups to have more than one or two books. Who knows. But I read a 660 page book in January so I’m working on the fear. My reading goals for 2015 included reading less books (Already at 18, my goal was 15, oops!) and to read a book over 500 pages. I now add that I want to read at least a couple of books over 400 pages. I will conquer my big book fear!

Do you have big book fear?

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