Books I Read in Northumberland!

Last Friday I showed you the twenty books I took with me to Northumberland, today I’m going to show you the five that I read. I think a quarter is a success? I read 1406 pages in a week and that feels like a success to me. Either way, I decided to do a round-up of the five books I read while I was away rather than wait for the end of the month, last months round up was maybe a bit too long.

Book pile Jeffery Deaver Charlaine Harris Susan Hill Meg Cabot

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver
I haven’t read a Jeffery Deaver book in at least a couple years despite owning a whole bunch of his books and flying through them as a teen so I picked this one-shot off my shelf that I only vaguely remembered to get me back in the swing of reading his books. 
Unfortunately, I picked one that really wasn’t one of Deavers best. It’s the story of a small town cop who stumbles into a hot mess in the middle of nowhere and 3/4 of the book is her and another woman traipsing through a national park with two murderers after them. Don’t get me wrong, this was an alright book and the twists and turns kept going right up to the last page but I think Deaver excels at writing more competent detectives with specific skill sets (Lincoln Rhyme and Katherine Dance are amazing characters) so this wasn’t my favourite by far. You will notice I gave it three stars. I just expect so much more from Deaver that even an average book is a disappointment. I need to read another of his books soon to get over this.

The Julius House by Charlaine Harris
The Julius house is the house in Aurora’s town where, six years ago, the family of three went missing. Well, now Aurora owns that house and she feels like doing some detective work to find out the history and maybe where these three people ended up. Realistically, she needs to get herself a job, I don’t think unemployed life is for her but for the purpose of story I’ll let it go. Not to mention that her new husband is a little sketchy. It took maybe 100 pages before anything really- happened, the action was very delayed. Even though it did sort itself out and all the loose ends were tied up, this is probably the weakest book so far in the series. I love it and I love Charlaine Harris’s writing enough to still give four stars though. Aurora is a lovely character, I just wish the spacing of the action was more spread out throughout the book.
I now want the next book but I’ve just bought a couple six books so this is going to have to wait. Wah!

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
I’m going to see the play of The Woman in Black at the beginning of May, so I wanted to read the book before I saw it. Honestly, the story is pretty basic- creepy woman in black in a creepy area doing creepy things. But even with the potential of the setting; an island that is only accessible when the tide is down- there is actually a castle like this in Northumberland that I visited while I was away-  and the potential in how wasted away and creepy the woman looked, this just did nothing for me.
A flaw I often find in my writing is run-on sentences when I should put in a goshdang full stop. That is a flaw that is painfully evident in this book. For example; “In spite of my intense fear and sense of shock, I was consumed with the desire to find out exactly who it was that I had seen, and how, I could not rest until I had settled the business, for all that, while out there, had not dared to stay and make any investigations.” I love a good sentence but they need to make sense. I don’t want to have to stop, stare and try and destruct its meaning for a good five minutes instead of reading on with the story.

The Princess Diaries: Give Me Five by Meg Cabot
This book begins after a bit of a time skip and the characters seem a little more grown up than in previous books. Mia is turning 15. In fact there is a chapter set at her birthday party where they play 7 minutes in heaven that absolutely scandalised me as a child! But basically the big deal of this book is Mia wanting to go to prom, which ya’know, to each their own on what they find important. But as someone who left their prom after an hour to go home and watch movies with my BFF, I was a little confused about why it was so important. All the while her Grandmere is causing a New York incident. It wasn’t my favourite of the books, but I continue to read and enjoy them.

The Princess Diaries: Sixsational by Meg Cabot
Points for the mention of The Princess Diaries movie that I adore. 
This is the first book where Mia’s boyfriend is off at college and, of course, that brings about it’s own set of problems. Like a cheerleader telling you he’s going to expect sex. It’s honestly dealt with in a very mature way- eventually, after some teenage freak out- and I think I’d be down with my possible future children reading this. The school nurse is my hero. I also liked the fact that Mia’s teacher is judging her for what she enjoys and Mia’s reaction; “Does something have to be complicated and hard to understand to be culture?” I happen to have similar thoughts on this so it was neat to read.
I bought the last four books off an independent seller on Ebay so I’m looking forward for those to come so I can finally finish this series.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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