#CrushYourTBR Readathon TBR pile!

So I’m a bit late on this considering that the #CrushYourTBR readathon starts- well, today. But I’ve had a really busy week and I really just wanted to get this post up so I don’t have any excuses and back out because I really like the idea of this readathon. It’s run by Jacquelyn of YA Bookmark and Raeleen of Padfootandprongs07. I’m taking the opportunity to hopefully crush though my TBR pile of books I’ve been sent for review. I get behind on them because I’m a mood reader and it makes me feel bad seeing this pile of amazing books go unread. I don’t technically have to read and review any of them but I want to. So what is on the pile?

Gutenberg’s Apprentice by Alix Christie*
I swear I was sent this last year and I feel so bad that I haven’t read it yet. Mood reader problems right there, historical fiction is just not something I reach for very often! But I’m in a rare mood for it lately, which is lucky because 4/6 of this pile is historical fiction. This is a novel about the invention of the printing press and the story behind the first printed bible. I’m fascinated with the origin of books so this has me intrigued.

The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice*
This is actually being republished after ten years with a new foreward by Miranda Hart! Set in the 1950’s, it’s a story about an 18 year old living in a world post-WW2 with her eccentric family. I’m looking forward to it, it seems like the kind of thing I read when I was younger, that whole family drama thing, and really enjoyed.

If You Go Away by Adele Parks*

Set in WW1, this is the story of a man who consciously objects to the war and a woman whose husband signs up and leaves her. It’s a historical romance and has the tag line; ‘Can he love her more than he hates war?’ Sounds good to me! It’s such a strange idea to me that such a huge amount of the population could be enlisted because of a world war and needing so many men, compared to now where being in the army is more of a career.

The Fatal Flame by Lyndsay Faye*

This is a book that showed up out of the blue one day and immediately drew me in. It’s set in New York in 1848, and from what I gather is about the newly founded NYPD, a serial killer, and an orphan. This isn’t at the tip-top of my pile as far as priorities but we’ll see how I feel as the readathon goes on!

The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy*
I need no persuasion to read this book, I’ve been dying to ever since I got my hands on it. It’s a post-apocalyptic story, which is a genre I love in TV shows (The Walking Dead, The 100, Z Nation, Defiance, etc.) so I think I’ll love this one. Small survival community? Check. Oppressive government? Check. Mutated creatures? Check. Sounds great!

A Song of Shadows by John Connolly*
John Connolly is one half of one of my favourite writing teams; he writes the Chronicles of the Invaders series with Jennie Ridyard so I’m excited to see the difference when it’s him alone. This is the thirteenth book in a crime series so I’m hoping I don’t have to have read the past books. In general with this genre, you don’t have to. 

A little ambitious but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I can smash though two or three and I won’t feel so bad about my new purchases- haul(s) coming soon!

Are you joining the readathon? What are you planning to read?

*I was sent these books for review. I am not obligated to talk about them.

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