Nail Polish Dupes: KIKO Grass Green/ OPI Forrest My Case/ Essence Beijos De Brazil

The other day in an attempt to organize my nail polishes I split them up into basic colour groups and these three rolled together. After the shame wore off I decided- hey, at least I can compare them and see which is best so nobody else has to end up with three identical green nail polishes. One will do, I promise.

Dupes- KIKO Grass Green: OPI Forrest My Case: Essence Beijos De Brazil

KIKO Grass Green / OPI Forrest My Case / Essence Beijos De Brazil / Essence Beijos De Brazil

KIKO Grass Green 
This is slightly paler than the others but it’s much more noticeable in the picture than real life. I wrote an entire review of this one here! But basically- a bit of a pain, but par for the course as far as green nail polishes go. In the UK I think you have to order KIKO online so this might be more hassle than it’s worth.

OPI Forrest My Case 
This was the worst application for me. It went on really streaky and took ages to dry. It is my oldest of the three though. Maybe that made a difference. But it’s identical in colour to the next one so you might as well get…

Essence Beijos De Brazil*
This was the best. The application was thick but didn’t take ages to dry and Essence brushes are wide and have a curved end that means even with difficult green polish- it took one or two swipes to get the nail painted and ready. Essence is slowly taking over as my favourite place to get nail polishes, the quality is on point, the brushes are amazing, availability is rising as they spread over the UK and the price is unbeatable.

So surprisingly, the OPI nail polish was the worst- although that name is the best! My favourite was the Essence one, in price, brush and quality.

Have you ever tried any of these? Which was your favourite?

*I received this at the Essence event I went to last year but it hasn’t changed my opinion.

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