5 Things I Love About Blogging!

I think every blogger I’ve ever spoken to has slumps now and again. I think every person I’ve ever spoken to has had a slump when it comes to a hobby. You put a lot of effort in, you try your best, and sometimes you don’t feel good about what you produce, whether it’s a blog post, a cake or a painting. I’m in a bit of a slump right now, so I thought I’d make this weeks 5 Things post about blogging because this is my hobby and I know even under this cartoon raincloud I have over my head- I love it. So here are 5 Things…

1. Having a productive hobby.
I have no idea how I spent most of my time on the internet before I started up my first blog. Hours and hours with nothing to show for it. Now when I’m online I’m editing pictures while I watch Netflix, tweeting about my latest blog post, instagraming pictures of what I’m reading, drafting a post, emailing people- having fun and getting the satisfaction of pressing that big orange publish button at the end of it.

2. Learning new skills.
I still haven’t figured out HTML or how to turn my DSLR off automatic but I’m finally comfortable writing lifestyle posts like this, and I’m pretty pleased with how far my book reviews have come, and I feel like I have a voice on my blog that represents myself. And that’s pretty neat.

3. Having your hard work recognised.
I was googling my blog the other day out of curiosity and found that I’m quoted on the Chronicles of the Invaders website. It really brightened my day because it’s one of my favourite series and I put a lot of work into my original review. Things like that, comments, emails, tweets, knowing someone is reading and is liking what you’re putting out- makes the hard stuff worth it.

4. There’s always going to be someone doing better than you…
And that’s okay! Something I learnt from all-girls school is that jealousy doesn’t get you anywhere but can easily make you really miserable. But also that you can think of it another way, and be inspired by people doing better than you. Let them pull you up rather than trying to drag them down. I’m inspired by being surrounded with positive, powerful, intelligent people like my fellow bloggers.

5. There’s always going to be someone just starting out…
According to CNET there are two new blogs started every second. That’s two people sitting down in front of a computer with something to say that only they can say. Everyone’s experiences are different and so everyone has something unique to talk about. That’s one of the best things about the internet in my opinion. And you can help them. One of my favourite moments as a blogger was when a brand new blogger emailed me asking for help, and helping them the best that I could so I could get to read what they had to say.

So those are 5 Things I Love about blogging- What do you love about blogging?

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