100 Books Read!

When I first started reviewing books on my blog I didn’t know if it was going to stick. I remember writing my first Books I Read in… post and feeling so proud that I had read 4 books in a month. I have health problems that can make concentrating a struggle, and I wondered if reading was going to be too much like hard work. I felt my 30 before 30 goal of reviewing 200 books would take me the ten years I had when I first wrote that post.

And yet, here I am just over a year and a half in and I’ve hit 100 books. Not only read but reviewed. I’ve loved and hated books, I’ve raved and ranted, and I pass my bookshelf every day and feel a certain amount of pride knowing I’ve read all those books. That the bookcase that used to be 90% knick knacks to 10% books is now 100% books. And every month I struggle to fit my months reading in.

Not only is this a post to be happy about my reading. It’s also an opportunity for me to say thank you, to the book bloggers whose opinions I trust when I’m picking what to read, to the bookstagrammers that take such beautiful pictures, to my readers that read and comment on my book posts. Thank you.

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