Blog Love #2

You may remember my first Blog Love post way back in November last year. I had no idea it had been that long until I looked it up and I feel bad, the blogging community is great but sometimes it feels very competitive and I’m not about that. I want to show off all the amazing blogs I read, like look! So Blog Love posts will be coming more often. As well as my new blog roll that I’m still adding to.

First, one of my favourites and an insta-click if I’m scrolling twitter/bloglovin’/facebook/etc and see she’s put a new post up, Lauren from What Lauren Did Today! Lauren just has such a lovely personality that shines through her posts and social media. She writes about books, cruelty-free beauty and mental health with a smattering of life posts for good luck. You really can’t do better than her blog.

I met Siobhan from Rock and Roses a couple years ago and she is an absolute sweetheart and helped put me at ease at my first blogging event. Since then I’ve met her once more and have been following her blogging progress and just generally spent a lot of time on her blog. She even guest-posted for me last year and I’m dying to have her back next time I go away.
[Edit: I’m afraid she deleted her blog!]

Next is Amber at The Amber Spyglass. Recently I went through the blogs I was following and  unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, but I couldn’t bring myself to unfollow Amber and I’m glad I didn’t because about 3 days later she was back! Talk about a spooky coincidence. She writes one of those blogs that just read so easily and calmly that you want to jump in. Perfect for relaxing Sunday afternoons.

And last but definitely not least, Bethan at Bethan Likes who reads so many interesting books that I just can’t keep up. She reviews the kind of books I have on my to-buy list but I’m too scared to pick up, and she does it brilliantly. More and more books get added to the list if she likes them. I completely trust her opinion and her weekend updates are my favourite Monday morning reading.

What are your favourite blogs?

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