5 Things to do in Autumn!

Summer is over! And with the season change comes a cold that has knocked me out for the week, thus the lack of blog posts. Despite this, I’m personally breathing a sign of relief. Autumn is my absolute favourite season as you get Halloween, the best holiday, the run up to Christmas and all the good TV comes back on air. So here are 5 things to do now the season is here…

1. Go back to school!
I used to hate going back to school but now as a degree student I am so upset that I can’t start my new module until January. Learning! I love it! And I’m in a pretty fortunate situation where I live in a country where education is so easily obtained. I think that’s pretty easy to forget under all the- wishing homework was outlawed and Summer lasted forever. Plus, new stationary.

2. Autumn clean!
Spring cleanings less popular sibling. Not only have I been dusting and polishing, I’m slowly starting the process of moving everything out of my bedroom for it’s redecoration and going through various collections to see what can be tossed. Make-up, clothes, half-finished projects, books, and even my finances are getting a good going over so I can settle into the end of the year feeling lighter.

3. Flip your mattress!
While looking on the Martha Stewart website for tips to clean and de-clutter I found out that apparently you’re supposed to flip your mattress twice a year. Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know this. And if you, like me, was unaware that this was a thing- flip it. It helps it last longer and as someone who is getting a bigger bed soon and is researching new mattress prices, extending their life seems like a good thing.

4. Dust off the Candles!
I’m not one for burning candles in Summer, preferring fresh flowers but Autumn is when I pull out my candles. Certain makes have been giving me headaches though so I lean towards soy and beeswax ones now. And I might be going to America in a couple months, Bath and Body Works best prepare.

5. Start getting excited for Halloween and Christmas!
This year I’ll be hosting the Hallowreadathon again and I’m so hyped. This year has challenges and a giveaway and I’m really looking forward to it, and Halloween, and then as soon as that’s over I can go full blown Christmas and nobody can stop me.

What are things you do when the seasons change?

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