Comic Book Review: Alpha Girl by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning!

It’s October! So let’s start the month of Halloween with some zombies! I don’t normally review single issue comic books on my blog because I’m not really sure people will be interested but hey- I like comics. I like reviewing. This has been published in a trade paperback. And it’s one of the best in my opinion. So here we go!

What happens when a third rate cosmetics company accidentally creates a pheromone that transforms the female population into man-eating monsters? Enter the world of Alpha Girl, and follow Judith Meyers on her quest to survive and rescue her little brother from the vaginapocalypse! 

Alpha Girl is a 5 issue mini-series that I picked up way back in 2012 when it was originally published and I loved it. The trade has finally been released as ‘Volume 1′ and doesn’t that just put hope in my lil’ nerdy heart! Either way this comic is amazing and here are my reasons for thinking that…

I’m a sucker for all things zombie related, big fan and defender of zombies as the scariest monsters. Within that love, The Walking Dead has become the sun that everything revolves around. But here’s the thing, Alpha Girl does things differently. All the zombies are women. It shows how they came about. And it’s not as serious as most zombie stories, I’m not scared when I read this, who could be when the zombies are so cute?

The Characters.
The main character is Judith; a chain-smoking, underwear-selling alpha girl who has a kid brother called Buddy who she’s trying to spring from juvie, who just happened to kill a guy. Then there’s the teenage boy Frank, who acts pretty much like every straight teenage boy in existence. Andy, the wheelchair-bound AC/DC fan. Chuck, his donut obsessed pal. And Penny, the dim-witted but adorable fast-food restaurant worker (“Do you think that cute soldier guy back there was okay?” “The one who got shot in the face?” “Yeah.”).

The Art.
If I was ever to get a comic book related tattoo, it would probably come from these comics. There is nudity, and I guess zombies count as gore, but with the art the way it is, I don’t think it would be something most people would be bothered by. It’s so cute and stylised, it really takes the downer that is women turning into flesh hungry killers and makes it fun! And even within the style, there’s no women bending in impossible ways like in a lot of superhero comics. 

Image Comics is basically my go-to nowadays for when I’m not feeling superheroes, and with the popularity of Saga, it’s helping comics become more widely read. So if you’re feeling like reading some comics and you want some zombie fun- you can’t do better than Alpha Girl and the trade paperback of all 5 issues is for sale here!

Have you read Alpha Girl? Do you like these types of reviews?

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