Comic Books I Read in September!

Something a bit new today! I’ve included comic book trades in Books I Read in.. posts before but I felt like keeping them separate from now on because they’re not really books. And I wanted to start including single issues and depending on the month, those can add up! So here we are. With a new kind of post. Comic Books I Read in… Hopefully you all like it!

Saga Volume 1, Constantine #1, Alpha Girl #1-5, Batwoman: Hydrology and Birds of Prey: End Run and The Death of Oracle.

Saga: Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples
I mentioned this in my first Books I Want to Buy and Why post as I found volume 2 on my wishlist and kind of inspired myself to pick up volume 1 again. I’ve had volume 1 since it first came out but haven’t read it for a while so I picked it up for a re-read while I’m in a reading slump. It was as good as I remember! It’s a great story and written by my favourite comic book writer; Brian K Vaughn who wrote my all time favourite comic book; Y: The Last Man.
Space. Parenthood. War. Sex. Magic. Violence. What’s not to like? Read it.

Batwoman: Volume 1: Hydrology by J.H. Williams III and W Haden Blackman
I didn’t pick up any Batwoman from the new 52 and probably wouldn’t have bought it if my brother hadn’t got a copy with a few printing errors and given it to me when he got a new copy. Turns out that I really enjoyed it. Kate Kane is a great character and a credit to the Bat name, although I would’ve liked to of seen her go up against an actual villain. Not a ghost.
I can’t see myself buying the next volume but it was a fun read. The art was extraordinary, and it’s nice to see a gay superhero.

Birds Of Prey: Volume 1: End Run by Ed Benes, Gail Simone and Adriana Melo
When the New 52 started, I looked at the options and an all-female superhero group had me interested so I picked up Birds of Prey. My brother then gifted me these old runs so I could read the history and I was excited.
I’ve been watching Gotham so I liked seeing some grown-up Penguin and I love Oracle as a character. It’s so nice to see disabled representation. I had a review that I had written just after I finished it all written out, but it got accidentally deleted and I honest to gosh can’t remember much about this book. I enjoyed it but it hasn’t left much of an impression.

Birds of Prey: Volume 2: The Death of Oracle by Adrian Syaf, Gail Simone and Marc Andreyko
I remember a little more of this book because- it’s pretty much right there in the title! The pre-new-52 death of Oracle. But that’s not all that’s in this book, there’s also a neat little one-shot with Huntress and Catman (who is adorable) and other stories after it that seem to have been put in there to pad out the hardcover and not for any real relevancy. If this was my only experience with superhero comic books I could totally see why people avoid them.
Lastly, I have to say though, in both of these books there was some seriously questionable drawings of women. I sent a picture to a friend of mine half way through with the caption ‘Nobody bends that way without dislocating a hip‘. It’s pretty awful.

Constantine #1

Constantine #1
Guess what show I started watching in September? You got it. The doomed one season of Constantine. Half way through one episode I remembered picking up this #1 and pulled it out of my comics box. It’s not a great start to the new 52 version of Constantine and as this series ended at #23, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I won’t be buying the trades of this, but I want to read more Constantine. Maybe his old Hellblazer run.

Alpha Girl #1-5 by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning
My full review of these comics is here!

So those were the comic books I read! Have you read any of these?

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