#Hallowreadathon 2!

Round Two! Last year I started the #Hallowreadathon as a way to spend a holiday that I don’t really tend to celebrate. It was a lot of fun and turned Halloween into my favourite holiday. So I thought I’d continue it again this year. It’s a low key, two day readathon on Halloween and All Saint’s Day which happens to be a Saturday and Sunday this year so all the more reading time!

I also decided to put up a few challenges this year. Nothing too difficult but I think it’ll spice it up a little, the challenges for booktubathon are always really fun.

1. Read a book with orange on the cover! 
Halloween has a lot of colour choices I could’ve gone with but when I think Halloween, I think pumpkins. So- orange!

2. Read a book you’re scared of.
This can be taken different ways, you can read a book that is going to be scary with zombies or vampires or whatever, or a book that scares you because it’s so big/ old/ etc. Anything out of your comfort zone.

3. Read two books.
Two days. Two books. We can do it!

I’ll be putting up a post with my choices in a couple days once I narrow it down. I was surprised at how many books in my TBR pile had orange on the cover. And of course, have fun! I’ll be tweeting through the whole thing with the #Hallowreadathon hashtag and as a little bonus, I’ll be giving away a book and some halloween candy to a random person who follows me on Twitter and uses the hashtag over the weekend.

Will you be joining the readathon?

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