My #Hallowreadathon TBR!

The #Hallowreadathon approaches and I’m still trying to pick what I’m going to read. I think, when it gets to it, I’ll just pick up what I’m in the mood for. But that doesn’t mean I can’t narrow it down a little and maybe my dear readers can give me your opinions. Because a two-day readathon doesn’t need a TBR pile of 7 books and 6 comic trades/ graphic novels!

My #Hallowreadathon TBR!

So how does this ridiculous pile fit with the three challenges?

Hallowreadathon TBR 2

1. Read a book with orange on the cover! 
I’ve picked out five options for this challenge just from flipping through one of my boxes of stand-alone novels. Who knew there were so many books with orange on the cover?! Here was me thinking this would be an easy choice for lack of options.
My first pick is Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, a true spooky classic and a book I haven’t actually read cover to cover despite studying it at school. Oops. I have the Penguin English Library cover with the classic Penguin orange on the spine.
Then there’s the most orange cover I found; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, I really feel I should have read this by now, a true Sci-fi must read.
Another is the first book in a trilogy I’ve wanted to start for a while; True Fire by Gary Meehan*. I won this on Goodreads a while ago and keep meaning to start it, especially since the author is from my town. But I’m bad at procrastination.
At 470 pages, my most unlikely pick is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn but it’s calling to me. I’ll get to you Gone Girl, someday.
And lastly, Under The Skin by Michel Faber. My dad read this and it spooked him so it sounds like a good Halloween read.

2. Read a book you’re scared of.
I left this pretty deliberately ambiguous so people weren’t too closed in with their choices and I still found it tricky to find books that filled the challenge. I have a pretty well documented big book fear but it’s a readathon! I don’t want big! So my ‘scared of’ reason is another fear; expectations.
World War Z by Max Brooks has been mentioned on my blog before. Not once, not twice, not three times, but four separate times. And you know what? I’ve hyped myself up so much I’m scared it’s not going to match my fond memory.
My other choice is Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. It’s pretty widely thought that the Sookie Stackhouse books drop off in quality towards the end of the 13 book series and I’m a lil’ scared because I love the first ten books of this series.

3. Read two books.
Two days. Two books. I can do it! We can all do it! Along with those I’d also kind of like to read some of my comic trade paperbacks that I just bought and some I’ve had for a while.
Captain America: Man Out of Time is new to my shelves and is calling to me. I just love Steve Rogers!
I am Legend is one of my favourite books, I raved about it this time last year! And I’ve had the graphic novel in my collection since I was 16. I bought it in Borders, in New York, while I was reading World War Z for the first time. Hello, random detailed memory. Anyway, it’s been a while since I picked it up.
Then there’s American Vampire Volume 1. Vampires, Halloween, it mixes.
Marvel Zombies Destroy! is another that’s just joined my shelves and I’m pumped to read this. Marvel and Zombies!
The Walking Dead Book 1 and the rest of my Walking Dead Comics have been calling for a re-read ever since the new season came out and I’m ready to listen.
Shout-out to Amazon for reminding me I bought Chew Omnivore Edition Volume 1 on the 9th of January 2012! I don’t think I’ve read it since the first time way back then so it’s time. Who knows! I’m bad with decisions!

What do you think I should pick? What’s on your #Hallowreadathon TBR?

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