5 Things I’ve brought Home from my Travels!

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few different countries, and I’ve picked up more than a couple momentos along the way. Going to new places, seeing extraordinary sights and experiencing new cultures is one of those things that I just think is so valuable and important. And it’s neat to have things to remind you of those times. So here are 5 things I’ve brought home from my travels…

1. A Moroccan Tea Set!
I went to Marrakech a couple years ago and it was a really interesting trip. I’d never been to anywhere in Africa before so it was great going to a new continent. One of my absolute favourite things about the area, apart from the baking, was the mint tea. I’m sure anyone who has been knows exactly why I was in love with it and drank it all the time. So when I was doing some holiday shopping I went off and found my own teapot and sugar bowl, and they came home with me.

2. A Statue of David from Florence!
I’ve been to Florence a couple times in my life. It’s where my parents went for their honeymoon and they really love going back so I’ve tagged along with them. I was especially interested in going after watching Season 4 of Jersey Shore when they stay in Florence. Side note: The pizza place they worked at, Pizzeria O’Vesuvio, is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. The statue of David is just one of those clichĂ© touristy things that you end up buying and he stands proud on my shelf.

3. An Antique Tin from the South of France!
I picked this up in a little antiques store in a little town that I honestly can’t remember the name of. It had a pickled snake in a jar, it was a little weird. Either way, I just remember finding the markings on the top absolutely beautiful and it came home with me to store my spare Euro change. I’d love to find out a bit more about it but I have no idea where to start.

4. An Eiffel Tower from Paris!
I have climbed all 674 stairs of the Eiffel Tower. Admittedly it nearly killed me, but I did it because I’m stubborn and when I get an idea in my head I really want to do, I do it. To commemorate this I have my lil’ one, it’s so cute and convenient for wrangling cellotape off parcels when I can’t be bothered finding scissors.

5. A Venetian Mask!
I went to Venice when I was a teenager and a friend of mine was having a masquerade party a couple weeks after I got back, so what better place to get a mask! It must have been just after I redecorated my room in red and black- oh young Imogen why- because I wanted the mask to match. It’s really beautiful and it makes me sad that it has a chip in the paint after so many years.

Do you collect from your travels?

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