Why I Keep my Books!

It turns out that not everybody keeps every book they read! Who knew? Some people even have shelves that aren’t overflowing, I mean- they don’t even have piles of books that fall down in the middle of the night and give them a heart attack! What strange and mysterious creatures. Well, actually it’s the norm to not keep every book you read, but here’s why I generally do…

Piles of books
These books are now in boxes while my room is redecorated. I can’t wait to put my book nook back together!

I have a ‘Read’ bookcase of all the books I’ve read since I turned 20 and decided to put some real effort into reading again. There’s a lot of pride in that for me because as much as I love reading, it’s a lot easier to just put on the TV. When I look at those books I see the time and effort I’ve put in, and since I’ve reviewed every book– at least in wrap-ups, I see the building blocks of my blog!

Lending them out
Some of my friends read my blog (hey boos!) and sometimes I get messages about books I’ve reviewed and they want to read them! So I keep my books and hand them out because there are some books that everybody needs to read right this minute and I will not take any excuses. Some examples are The Three, LexiconConquestThe Lost Art of Keeping Secrets and The Iron Trial! Read them! I’ll lend you my copy!

Future generations
I’m kind of a sap. I have all these grand ideas about having kids in the future and how I’m going to read to them and my house will have a library and they’ll read the books I loved from my childhood. There’s something about them reading from my books, my mothers books, my grandmothers books, that just makes my sentimental heart soar.

Although my reviews over the past two years might not show it, I love re-reading. As a kid I probably had about 20 books I just rotated around. My logic was- if I couldn’t remember 100% of what happened, it was time to re-read! Now, as a reviewer, I get so many exciting books to review, I’m constantly bombarded with new releases and I don’t really see re-reads being that interesting to review that I haven’t re-read anything I’ve read in the past two years. But I will!

I’m a bit of a hoarder
Right now I have enough space to keep all my books but I have real trouble getting rid of things. It’s a little bit linked to my OCD, and it can be tricky- I have over 600 books and I dread moving because that’s going to be a pain. Just getting them out of my bedroom for the decorators has been a monumental task. But I’ve got slightly better at this lately and have started donating books. I still keep the books I like because of the above reasons, but books I loathed? Bye!

Do you keep your books? 

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