5 Things I would Save if my House was on Fire!

I think everyone has pondered this at one point in their lives. What would you save if your house set on fire? Not including cats, and people. Narrowing down things I would save was hard, I am definitely not a minimalist and sometimes I wish I could move just for the opportunity to cut the fat. But anyway!

1. The family jewels!
I’m kidding. There are no diamonds or pearls here. We got robbed a couple years back and most of the family heirlooms got stolen. I have one bracelet that my grandfather bought for my grandmother back when she was alive, that my mum passed on to me when I turned 21. It is my most prized possession. If I got to only save one thing, that would be it.

2. My laptop!
Here’s the thing; my laptop has all my degree work, all my pictures, all my writing, my chat logs from Skype, a heck of a lot of irreplaceable content that is backed up on a disk, that is also in my house. So I’d just grab the laptop. It wouldn’t be difficult, 99% of the time I’m at home my laptop is close by.

3. My stuffed animal!
I’m 21 but c’mon, everyone is attached to their stuffed animal they had when they were a kid. A lot of things can be replaced but that comfort you get from that toy when you were young? Irreplaceable.

4. My phone!
My house is burning down in this scenario. It would be nice to be able to call the fire trucks. And I’d probably tweet it. I wonder what hashtag you use in that situation…

5. My childhood books!
A lot of my books are replaceable, although that would be one hell of an Amazon order. It would suck to lose them but I don’t have memories attached to them like I do with my childhood books. In the spirit of- picking too many would be cheating, I’d probably grab for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and my collection of The Faraway Tree Stories. Gosh, losing my books would suck. Please, house, don’t burn down!

What would you save?

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