Two Years of Imogen’s Typewriter.

I can’t quite believe Imogen’s Typewriter is two years old. It feels like just yesterday I was debating different blog names with Ashley. And yet it’s been a whole year since my A Year of Imogen’s Typewriter post. It doesn’t quite feel real, but the 24th of November 2013 was when I hit publish on my first post and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve never felt quite as confident with my blog as I have over the past couple months. I feel like I’ve finally managed to get everything lined up. I’ve been blogging more, I’ve been gaining readers, I’ve been happy with what I’m putting out and I’ve even been scheduling posts way in advance. A post I wrote this morning is scheduled for January 2016!

I’ve definitely moved away from beauty over the past year as I talk more about books, which feels completely natural but sometimes makes me a little sad. I started blogging because of beauty and I’d like to revisit it a little in the next year.

My 5 Things series has helped structure posts that I would have felt really unsure about otherwise. And my Books I Want to Buy and Why series has been one of those posts that I can write without having to take a picture for, which saves a surprising amount of time. Blog Love has finally been revived and I love hearing that people are checking out other blogs I adore because of it.

And I finally bought a custom blog design that should be up soon! Hopefully I can finally get away from this Blogger template nonsense and look a little prettier.

So! I’m going to go eat some celebratory cake and write my next blog post. Thank you to everyone that reads and comments. You make blogging more fun. 

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