Books I Took to Germany!

Last week I heading to Cologne for a week to see the German Christmas markets and just have a little break. It was actually the first time I’ve gone abroad this year, I really cut it close! Anyway, I’ve shown you books I’ve taken travelling before and I really like these kinds of posts, so here are the books I took this trip…

The Sleeping Doll and Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver
I’ve been saying to myself for a while that I’m going to start one of Jeffery Deavers series over again so I packed up the first two books featuring Kathryn Dance. I started The Sleeping Doll while I was away and it hooked me so quick, I was reading 100-200 pages every time I picked it up!

The Heart of Winter by Emma Hannigan*
I really wanted to finish this before I left but I had a little left when I went away, and it’s the type of book that if I put it down, I knew I would struggle to pick it back up again. I did manage to finish it when I was away and I’ll talk about it in my monthly round-up.

The Hitchhiker Trilogy by Douglas Adams
Despite it being one of my favourite films, and enjoying the beginning of the book every time I pick it up, I’ve never actually sat down and devoted some time to this series. Therefore, I’ve never got past the first chapter. I know, it’s awful. I’m so sure I would enjoy it as well. I need to read this, it might end up being one of my 2016 reading goals!

The Widow by Fiona Barton*
This is being published in January of 2016 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a proof before I went away. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to it but this is top of my list for my next reads because it sounds fascinating.

What kinds of books do you take on holiday?

*These books were sent to me for review. I’m not obligated to talk about them

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