Hello 2016!

Auf Wiedersehen 2015. Gutentag 2016! I spent the run up to new year finishing my 80th book with 8 minutes to spare then rushing downstairs to bring in the new year with my family and neighbours. As I mentioned in my 5 Things I Love about a New Year post, I was really looking forward to seeing the back of 2015 and I will admit to some new year panic because I have so much to figure out but bring on 2016.

In my Hello 2015 post I said I wanted to:
Travel. I failed miserably at this, only going away once to Cologne in Germany. So many things got in the way. 
Crack down on my Degree work. I did okay on this one but I’m changing from the Open College of the Arts to the Open University this year. Hopefully with a little more guidance, I’ll be able to really speed up.
Mark 3 things off my 30 before 30 list. Whelp. I think I marked off two which isn’t bad but just means I have more to catch up on this year!
Keep blogging. Yes! I feel like my blog really progressed this year.
Declutter. Nope. Still a hoarder. But with my room being redecorated, maybe as I move things back in, I can ditch some stuff.
Reading and Writing. More and better was my hope. And I think I did okay on this one.
Learn German. Another fail. I can say; Do you speak English? though.
More things that make me happy. 2015 wasn’t a year I would describe as ‘happy’ but I did meet someone who has become a major part of my life, and I did have some realisations that maybe weren’t fun at the time, but should lead me to happiness in the future.

Things I want to do in 2016:
Travel. So I say this every year. But I love travel and I’m hoping that I actually manage to get away more this year.
More degree work. Most of my friends will be graduating this year but I just want to finish the distance learning equivalent of first year.
Catch up on my 30 Before 30 List. I’m a little behind on my 30 Before 30 so I need to catch up! I’ll be posting an update on the 20th.
Reach 500 Blog followers. This is very ambitious as I’m currently at 277 and I’ve been blogging for two years but hey- I’m a dreamer!
Be happy. The most important and hardest thing of all, but I have hope.

Happy New Year! What are you hoping for this year?

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