My First TBR Jar!

I’ve never had a TBR jar before. And I never really thought they were for me since I’m a mood reader. The problem with this is that I’m a mood reader with 600+ books on her shelves/ in piles that I haven’t read (at least since I turned 20) so I struggle with picking books that fit my mood. So I decided to make a TBR jar…

I put in 20 slips of paper and thought I would list what I wrote below! They’re really just a way of narrowing down what I should read, rather than book titles. Some fit in my 2016 Reading Goals and some are just random picks!

1. A Classic
2. A Gift
3. A book sent for review
4. A blue cover
5. A red cover
6. A pink cover
7. A white cover
8. A green cover
9. A yellow cover
10. A purple cover
11. First book in a series
12. Has an adaptation
13. Mentioned in a TV show
14. Mentioned in a movie
15. A book in a series I haven’t finished
16. A translation
17. A non-fiction
18. A book I won on Goodreads
19. My last purchase
20. A ‘paused’ book

Do you have a TBR Jar? What’s in it?

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