30 Before 30: Two Years On!

The past couple years on my birthday I have looked over my 30 Before 30 list to see how I’m doing, what I’ve completed, and what needs to be remembered- and this year is no different! You can see last years post here and my original list here. Sometimes it feels like so much has changed, and other times it feels like nothing has.

1. Complete Pokémon.
Technically, I completed Pokémon X this year. But the game I really want to complete is Pokémon Yellow so call it practice! There are rumours of a yellow re-release for the 20th anniversary so…
2. Write a Novel.
Still working on this one. I’ve started a cosy crime book that is almost completely plotted out and I’m really enjoying writing it when I get the chance. I think I might do one of the Camp NaNoWriMo’s in 2016 to really bang out some words.
3. Earn at least a 2:1 in my degree.
I’m actually changing universities and degrees but all my scores point to a 2:1 so yay!
4. Do a 365 photo a day challenge.
I mentioned last year, this is definitely one for later in my life because my pictures would be super boring these days.
5. Copy the ‘Three Men in a Boat’ trip.
No progress on this one, yet. But I did buy a couple of my buddies copies of the book so fingers crossed.
6. Take a plane on my own.
Nope. Still not done this!
7. Start a Podcast.
This used to be ‘Spend a St. Patrick’s day in Ireland’ but honestly, I don’t really feel like doing that anymore and this list is kind of evolving as I grow up. Anyway, a couple friends and I are going to be starting a podcast in 2016 that we’re super hyped about. 
8. Learn to drive.
A couple weeks ago I got behind the wheel again after being terrified for ages and it just- clicked. And I’m actually pretty good! I think I can pass my test in the next couple months. Hopefully.
9. Write a will.
10. Own The Walking Dead #1.
Unfortunately, the tooth fairy hasn’t left two grand under my pillow lately but hey- a girl can dream!
11. Host Christmas.
12. See my brother get married.  
13. Go to Vegas with my oldest friend.
14. Make a quilt.
I went to a talk by Jane Brocket this year and picked up her book so this will hopefully give me some ideas so I can complete this one soon.
15. Own a Hyundai Ix35.
16. Own a collection of mugs that all have meaning.
I have a few but if I didn’t live at home, I’d struggle to have enough cups for a tea party. 
17. Start a small business.
No closer on this one. I think originally, I saw myself with a little Etsy shop but seriously- the time those sellers put into their work is extraordinary. This one might change in the next year. 
18. Review 200 books. 
I think I’m at around 120 for this goal and you can read all of them here!
19. Road trip the UK.
20. Go to SDCC.
21. Grow a bonsai tree and keep it alive.
I bought two little saplings this year and they’re still alive- but don’t seem to be growing. I think I need to do some more research.
22. Travel Europe on a train.
23. Cosplay.
24. Go to all the places Ashley wants to bring me to.
25. Learn to crochet and make something.

I can’t believe I learnt to crochet two years ago and still haven’t made anything. This year. I must.
26. Keep bees.
27. Cut my hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. 

Done! I finally did this in December! I donated 26 inches and I love having short hair now. The time I save in the shower is incredible. I’ll be writing a post about it soon.
28. Learn German.
29. Visit the German Christmas Markets. 
Another thing I did in December 2015. I visited Köln/ Cologne in Germany and saw so many beautiful and different markets that blew my mind, ruined my bank balance and made my Christmassy spirit soar. You can see my picture heavy post here!

Do you have a list like this? Does it help you keep track of your goals?

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