5 Things I Always Forget to Do!

You know that feeling in the back of your brain like you’ve forgotten something? It’s my nemesis. And it’s always the silly day-to-day stuff, it’s hard to forget to go on holiday or when Christmas is, but the normal stuff can have a big impact! Here’s 5 Things I always forget to do in hopes that it reminds you of something you’ve forgotten…

body butter, nail polish remover, Lucifer on Amazon Prime and bills

1. Buy the staples
I can’t be the only one that forgets to buy things that everyone needs. I’ve gone months without having nail polish remover before because I never remember to buy it. Meanwhile, I have a gazillion nail polishes in every colour under the sun that I can’t use because I can’t remove them!

2. Check my bills are correct
In the age of direct debit, it’s pretty easy to let companies take your money and sometimes- there are mistakes. My phone bill had been a couple of quid over each month for about half a year before I picked up on it! Awful!

3. Message back
This is my public apology to my friends, people who tweet me and email me, basically anyone who tries to communicate with me that isn’t Skype or phone calls- I am really bad at messaging. I generally go for weeks as a chatty cat then I’m incognito for months. If I’m not actively in a quick back-and-forth conversation then I get distracted. I’m working on it!

4. Moisturise my body
I’m fanatical when it comes to moisturising my face but my body is a completely different matter. It just takes so long and I can never find lotion and it just feels so sticky if you put too much on. Such a first world problem, I know.

5. Watch TV shows on a weekly basis
I’m a marathon girl- not the running type, don’t be ridiculous- but when it comes to watching TV shows I tend to get into a show when it’s long over or near the end so I can marathon through the seasons in time for a finale. But there are some really good shows actually on TV right now; Lucifer, The Walking Dead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and even though I love them I somehow manage to get a couple episodes behind before I watch them. I’m a networks worst nightmare.

What do you always forget to do?

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