Beauty: Lush Oxford Street Exclusives Haul!

A couple weeks ago my mum headed down to London and since she was going to be near Oxford Street I asked her to pop into Lush for me and pick up any of the exclusives she thought I might like. She went a little overboard, and my thanks go to her and the lovely sales girl who helped and probably encouraged what you see…

I’ll put up links for anything I can find online and I’ll be reviewing these over the next few weeks. So what’s in the bag?

A French Kiss Bubble Bar was put in with the Valentine’s Day products this year even though it, luckily, is available year round. My mum knows this is one of my favourites as I’ve reviewed it before so I was stoked to see one in the bag.
The Sunflower Bubble Bar is only available online in this gift set which is a shame because it smells beautiful. It’s citrus-y and summer-y and absolutely huge!
The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar was for Valentine’s Day, and is one of my favourite Lush products as far as looks go even if the scent- soapy- leaves a little to be desired.

Let your inner eye predict the future– with the Divination Bubble Bar. It smells exactly how I’d assume Professor Trelawney’s tower smells, like Parma Violets and flowers.
Fluttery Bubble Bar was a Oxford Street exclusive for Mother’s Day and it is amazing. It reminds me of a slightly sharper version of the Creamy Candy scent and just looks beautiful!
Windmill Bubble Bar is by far one of the more inventive bubble bars I’ve seen Lush do. It even spins. It smells of herbs and greens which I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the mood for one day because right now it smells kind of weird to me.

If any product could be more suited for a morning bath than the Double Vitality Bath Melt then I’ll eat one. The mix of citrus and mint is super strong. The neon pink is enough to wake up your eyeballs. I can’t wait to use this!

Flowers Barrow Bath Melt is unsurprisingly floral, with a little zing behind the flowers. It’s very cute rolled in flower petals.

What is yellow and dangerous? The Shark Infested Custard Bath Melt. Well I’m hoping not so dangerous, maybe for my bank balance. It smells like custard to me, which is a pro in my books.

Delight Bath Melt is a big ol’ ball of glitter! I struggle to describe the scent, it’s sweet and comforting but not like anything I can name.
The Dazzle Dazzle Bath Oil is the one that turned the girl on the news pink. So obviously I’m super excited. If anyone had those Toxic Waste sweets as a kid, this smells like those. Sweet and sour and totally going to be the first I try.
The Sun Bath Melt is one I haven’t heard of. I’m really off my Lush game… But it smells like a muted orange.
The Lime Pastille Bath Melt is another I’ve never heard of before! It smells very much like lime sweets as you’d expect and has me craving an ice pop.

Never have I accidentally inhaled more bath bomb dust than with the Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb. Fresh, leafy and crumbly as all heck.
I love Yoga. And the Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb continues my love in physical form. It’s orange-y and delicious and will be used post-yoga session because I’m a sucker for matching.
And lastly, I have no idea what Ylang Ylang smells like but I’m guessing it’s like the faint floral scent of the Ylang Song Bombshell Bath Bomb.

What would you like to see reviewed first? Have you ever been to the Lush in Oxford Street?

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