My Spring TBR!

After an unsuccessful Quiet Re-Read-A-Thon I started thinking about how much I enjoyed having a TBR pile that was so small that I wasn’t overwhelmed when I started looking for my next read. So I thought a TBR that covered a long enough time that I had a chance to read them all, yet short enough that it was books I was immediately looking forward to might work. There’s a bunch of review copies I need to read that are being published in Spring, and enough of my own books that a seasonal TBR seemed to fit the bill. Here’s the result…

Shadow-y blog photos are my nemesis. Spring weather soon please.

I’ve been thinking about starting Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series for a while now and after finding the first three books in my house (this happens a lot, I definitely inherited my book hoarding) it seems like Spring might be the time to delve in. I’m on the fence about this one though. Have you read this series? Is there a good season to read them- like how Harry Potter is best in Winter?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams was the first added to the list because I need a pick-me-up. I need something new but something I know will be comforting, and happy, and I could think of nothing better. And on the same thread of comforting reads, I’d like to start the Blandlings Castle series by P.G. Wodehouse with Something Fresh. These are supposed to be light witty reads and that’s what I’m after.

Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard & John Connolly* is next because I need to finish this series. I’ve started re-reading Conquest, the first book in the series so I plan to just read right through.

This Must Be the Place by Maggie O-Farrell* is being published May 17th and The One-In-A-Million Boy by Monica Wood* is being published on the 5th of April and I’ve been meaning to read both for weeks. They’ve both been getting buckets of positive reviews and feedback and I want to read it and review them so I can throw my two cents in for my readers that might want to pick these up.

I have three main interests when it comes to non-fiction; George VI and WWII, powerful women in history and the Tudors. Alison Weir has a new series that fits into two of those categories and will span the next six years looking at Henry VIII’s six wives, starting on May 5th with Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen*. She was always my favourite so I’m hyped.

After my Books I ‘Paused’ in 2015 post my interest in a couple of books was re-kindled. Mainly for Kit by Marina Fiorato* and The Long Way to a Small Angry Planey by Becky Chambers* so they jumped from paused back onto the TBR and will stay there until I finish them.

I need to start the Harper Connolly Omnibus by Charlaine Harris** because I haven’t read a Charlaine Harris for months and I miss her writing in my life. Her Lily Bard series may have just arrived in the mail today to they’re interchangeable or just both on this TBR.

For photographic purposes I only put one in but I have 7 more hardcovers of The Walking Dead comic to read before I buy some more. I’ve really been enjoying getting back into the comics and we all know I love The Walking Dead.

What is on your Spring TBR? Have you read any of these books?
*I was sent these books to review. I am not obligated to talk about them.
**I won this from Gollancz on Twitter

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