Bookmarked #2

Remember that series I started in March 2015 where I show you some neat websites I’ve bookmarked? Yeah, I’m a terrible blogger it seems. But! Let us not dwell on the past, but go forth, and look at some of the other things I’ve been bookmarking lately. I promise to do better with this series in the coming months.

  • Ever since I finished the Aurora Teagarden books, I’ve been looking for a new cosy crime series and found this website that lists what seems like every cosy crime series!
  • Are your email newsletters out of control? rounds them all up and makes unsubscribing as painless as the process can be.
  • How can you not want a moon lamp?! The Luna is beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on one when they become available.
  • Did you know I put up a post on All Subscription Boxes about a new geek box: CultCrate? Well I did and it was a pretty cool box.
What have you bookmarked lately?

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