Victoria Walters: Top 5 Books!

I’m really excited today to have a post from debut author Victoria Walters! She is going to share her top 5 books as part of the blog tour for her new book; The Second Love of my Life, published last week. Which is incidentally about a character called Rose Walker, add an Imogen to the beginning of that and you’ve got my name. Spooky. Anyway…

I love so many books so choosing just five is a nightmare for me! I have changed my mind a lot while answering this question but there’s a deadline so I need to make a decision. I am going to go with the ones that I have re-read the most and the ones that have made the most impact on me as a writer.
Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen. Austen is my favourite author and I could have easily chosen all of her books for my favourite list but I’ll go with my favourite favourite of hers. I like to re-read this every year. I love Elizabeth, I love the wit and romance, and I’m still waiting for my own Mr Darcy to come alog!
Harry Potter – JK Rowling. I think we are all agreed that this series can be counted as one book, right?! This series will always have a special place in my heart. I love these books so much and spending time in Harry’s world is always time very well spent.
I Capture The Castle – Dodie Smith. This is such a lovely book – a quirky, coming-of-age story with a unique voice that draws you in from the first line. One of my comfort reads, it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Twilight – Stephenie Meyer. This is the book that inspired me to take my writing seriously and led to me writing a YA book and finding an agent so really I don’t think this novel (TSLOML) would exist without it. I couldn’t put this book down when I first read it, and it still sucks (sorry for the pun!!) me in whenever I pick it up again.
Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë. Just a brilliantly written novel with a main character you root for from the first page. A coming-of-age story mixed with romance and a touch of horror too. The setting and tone are perfect all the way through and the ending always brings tears to my eyes.
Don’t forget to check out my fellow hosts; Sophie, Stacey, Laura and Leah! And thank you to Victoria!
What are your top 5 books?

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