Beauty Review: Lush’s Sunflower Bubble Bar!

This bubble bar is huge! It’s about the size of my hand stretched out. Today’s post is another review of the Lush Oxford Street exclusives I hauled here. I’m really liking beauty posts and reviews again so it’ll hopefully become a regular thing on Sundays. Anyway, the Sunflower bubble bar…

I didn’t even know Lush made the black paper bags this big until I got this. It’s twice the size of the regular ones.

Since this bubble bar is so big, and flat which is super convenient for dividing it up, I got three baths out of it. I might’ve been able to get four but I liked the scent way too much to risk a lame bath from not putting enough in. It’s really orange-y, citrus-y and basically what you’d expect from a bright orange bubble bar. Unfortunately it just doesn’t come out in the bath. You can’t smell it at all.

The bath was fine; yellow, bubbles, but I buy Lush for the scents and this let me down. Brightside is a bubble bar I’ve tried before with the same scent but actually works if this appeals.

Sunflower is a Lush Oxford Street Exclusive but it might pop up in the Kitchen sometime and it’s £4.95!

Have you ever tried the Sunflower? Did you get scent from it?

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