My Most Owned Authors!

I moved all of my books from my bedroom because of my redecorating. It took- a lot of time but certain patterns emerged as certain authors made taller piles than others. So before I moved them all back, I thought I’d count them all up, take pictures, almost break bones tripping while carrying them around, and show you who my most owned authors are!

From least to most…

Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart - 12 books

5. Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart – 12 Books
The Edge Chronicles were my favourite books as a tween. I loved the world and the way the different trilogies all worked together. But I never finished them despite buying the last book over a year ago. I’m missing a couple, and have doubles of others, so at some point I’m going to buy the rest and marathon the series. Maybe this autumn!

Anthony Horowitz - 15 Books

3. Anthony Horowitz – 15 Books
Another author I loved as a tween. A lot of my books are actually hand-me-downs from my older brother and I grew up loving Alex Rider with all his gadgets, and the Diamond Brothers. But, again, I never finished either series so I don’t know how it ends up for the characters. Anthony Horowitz is a great author though so I might try and finish these two series. Especially with the complete Alex Rider collection on The Book People for £12.99! On the other hand, the Power of Five series might be vacating the premises soon.

Stephen King - 22 books

3. Stephen King – 22 Books
Whelp. I’m starting to realise that ‘most owned’ doesn’t always translate on my read shelf. I do love Stephen King, despite only reading two of his books in the past two years and ‘pausing‘ another. He’s my go-to for horror, I just haven’t been feeling horror lately. This will probably change soon though because my soulmatepal is currently reading The Shining and keeps trying to get me to start it.

Charlaine Harris - 27 books

2. Charlaine Harris – 27 Books
Is anyone surprised? I’m not. Off this entire list, Charlaine Harris is also my most read author at 21 books. I’ve completed her Aurora Teagarden series, her Sookie Stackhouse series and I started her Harper Connolly series last month. Out of all of these, she is probably the author where I plan to read all of her books eventually. I love her worlds. I love her characters. I love her writing.

Jeffery Deaver - 28+ Books

1. Jeffery Deaver – 28+ Books
I had all my Deaver books in one pile while I painted but they kept falling down until they were in two piles, not including those on my read shelf. I definitely own more than 28 actually because there are gaps in my Lincoln Rhyme collection (like book 2 which is why I haven’t re-started it yet) and I know I own them! They’re lost to the house. I read the Kathryn Dance books in December and January and he’s such a great crime author. Well deserving to be #1 and a lovely guy.

Who are your most owned authors?

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