NaNoWriMo, No-Chocolate and No-Netflix November.

I’m generally not very good at talking about life-things on my blog but November is a pretty weird month for me so I thought I’d talk about it! I’m finally getting over being sick, which made October on Imogen’s Typewriter pretty bare as well, yay. So lets talk about November…

I didn’t attempt NaNo last year, but I did the year before and I didn’t do well at all. A couple things are different this year though, which is making me feel a little more positive about it. I’m going to blog about it, which always makes me more accountable. I’ll be posting updates on Wednesdays, starting tomorrow when I’ll go into a little more detail about it. I’m also co-writing for the first time so we’re aiming for 25k each, which will take so much pressure off. And I’m older, and wiser. Lets hope that counts for something!
This is something I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, along with giving up chocolate for Lent. I feel like chocolate is my ‘vice’ and when I get into a routine of eating it all the time, it’s obviously not good. Plus, I like to detox off it before advent calendar chocolate! I sit typing next to a bar of unopened Dairy Milk and it”s going to stay that way.
It’s not even twenty-four hours into November as I write this and I already regret this one. But I’m too dependent on Netflix and TV in general. I just do it too much. I’m not going to be super strict about it. I’ll still watch The Walking Dead and The Apprentice as they come on the TV, and I watch TV when I eat alone but apart from that- I’m going to be doing a lot more reading and podcast listening for entertainment this month!
So those are my November plans! What are yours?

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